Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Crossdressed like a Busty Indian Housewife (Aunty)

During the last two months, I didn't do any exercise and thus I had gained 10 kilos. I had become a bit fat and thus before hitting the gym I decided that I wanted to crossdress and live a few days as a Busty hot Indian Aunty. I have this Crossdressing hobby and thus I stay alone in a flat. I have all kinds of CD stuff like wigs, breast forms and lots of clothes. I remain crossdressed whenever I am in flat. In night also, I sleep wearing nightie. I always have my wig and breast forms on my body.
I love to live like a woman.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The first time I Crossdressed and became an 'adult'

I was always attracted to ladies style of clothing from my childhood. When I was 5-6 years old, I used to wear my mom's petticoat and when the cloth rubbed on my thighs, I used to feel great. In the process of growing up, I tried wearing bra, blouses and salwar kameez. Wearing all these ladies clothes gave me a sense of satisfaction. I couldn't understand the exact feeling but I used to feel very happy. The pic in the left are of two of my mom's friend to whom I was attracted.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crossdressed in Sister's clothes

Once I had come home during holidays. My cousin sister who is 6 years older to me had also come to our house with her parents. She had got a job in this city.
From my childhood, I am attracted towards her because she is very beautiful and now she has a very sexy figure of 34 28 34. She looks exactly like Raima Sen the bengali actress.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Me and My Aunt are both Crossdressers

Hi friends, let me introduce myself. My name is Vicky. I am a male and my age is 23. I love crossdressing from childhood. I used to stay at my home with my parents. My dad would return from office at 8 pm. In the evening, my younger brother used to play cricket outside for 2 hours and my mom used to go for evening walk with her friends. At this time I stayed at home and got a good chance for crossdressing. I used to wear my mom's bra, panty, blouse, petticoat and then a saree. I wanted to dress like Madhuri Dixit, the most beautiful Indian Actress. Thus I had saved her wallpaper in my computer.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My life as Ayesha - Hot Story of a Crossdresser

Hi Ayesha here. This is my first story, if you like it then there are more to come. I’m planning to write this story as series so your comments matter. It’s a cold December evening. I’m sitting in my balcony, enjoying the feeling of cold air passing over my body, wearing a pink satin nighty and underneath it a pink thong. My wife, Mary, comes in with a cup of coffee for me.  Mary is a beautiful lady with a busty figure. She kisses me on lips and hands me the cup. We both sit there quietly for a few moments until she breaks the silence.

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Best Friend is a Crossdresser - Hot CD story

Hi this is Rishi. I am a regular reader of MyCdStories and thus I thought to share my experience with all of you. This is not a real story but it happened to me in one of my dreams. I hope you will like the story as you have liked all other stories of this site. I'll introduce myself.  I am an Engineering student... now in 2nd year… in my collage I am a topper student…because of my senior Sravan…he helps me in studies and life and we became best friends….lets get in to my real life story on what happened 4 months back… That day I was feeling very dull. I was getting bored from my daily life. Sravan came to me.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crossdressed with Roomie part-2 (This time I fucked my Aunt as a CD)

Hi  friends  very nice to meet u again…this is sanjey again…..if u didn’t read the first part, click here
One fine morning we were both in male avater….doing work in our respective laptops….Ravi asked me lets go out we are working since morning we didn’t have hungry…I said ok lets go out……But suddenly I felt like a ravi`s girlfriend and ravi calling for a date…I decided to give surprise to Ravi…I went to my room and closed the door …went to bathroom had some butter cream massage on my whole body… my body was glowing….I went to my wardrobe and I saw purple colour saree….

Friday, January 18, 2013

Crossdressed for my Roomie

(Story By one of our Fans)

I don’t know anything about cross-dressing . But situation changed me as a cross-dresser. The story is about me (Sanjay) and my friend Ravi, we live in a double bedroom flat we are actually roommates. We used to work together in the same company, however last month I moved to another company. But we live together even after I have changed my job. Time made us best friends. One fine day my laptop gave me some trouble. I  went to hall. Ravi was sleeping. I took his laptop for my work. After finishing my work, I noticed that Ravi forgot to sign out of his Facebook account.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Caught my Brother crossdressing in my clothes - Story of a Female to Male Crossdresser

Hi friends my name is Saaya. I am a regular reader of MyCdStories and thus decided to share my experience with you all. Well I am a young girl, 23 years old. My figure is 34-26-32. I am a MBA student. I like to wear salwar kameez, western wear and sometimes sarees also. I am very tomboyish. I like to behave as men do. I think that I should have been born as a male. I am quite attracted to females. You may think that I am a lesbo, however, this is what I am. I like to crossdress as a male. YES, I am a Female to Male crossdresser. When no one is at home, I get dressed in my brother Nikhil's clothes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Had Sex with the Old Couple as a Crossdresser

Before reading this story, read the first part - How this old couple made me their Daughter.
After the Couple accepted me as their Crossdresser Daughter, I always used to be as a woman in their house. I used to wear Anjali's (their real daughter) clothes. During day time till dinner I used to be in salwar kameez and while sleeping I used to wear nighties. Now I also used to address the old couple as Mummy and Daddy. They gave me my female name as Rani. I used to help mummy in washing clothes, cleaning house, preparing food, washing utensils etc. They were very happy with me and always blessed me.

Monday, January 14, 2013

An Old couple dressed me up as their Daughter

I got admission in a Management college, so I left home and landed in Ranchi. I was on a lookout for a place to stay as the Hostel was very expensive. I found a paying guest accomodation nearby my college. An old couple used to live in their 2 storey house an they gave me a single room to stay. They had a son who was married and settled in USA. So they were staying alone. I shifted my luggage at their place and started living. The lady was around 56 years old and her husband was 60. Every day after coming from college, I used to have dinner with them.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crossdressed to attend a marriage

I have been crossdressing since childhood. I have greatly matured in this hobby and now as I stay alone, I am usually dressed all the time. One of my female friends who knows that I am a crossdresser was about to get married. So she came to my flat and at that time I was in my male avatar. She asked me to attend her marriage as a female.
I was really excited about this. Attending a marriage as a female is one thing which I hoped I could achieve and this dream was about to get fulfilled.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crossdressed for first time in Bra Panty (Pure Hindi)

After so many requests for a HINDI story, one of our writers has finally come up with a nice hindi story for all you readers. Hope you like it and waiting for your comments.
मेरा नाम ईशा शर्मा है, वैसे तो मैं एक लड़का हूँ पर मुझे यही नाम ज्यादा अच्छा लगता है। मेरी उम्र 21 साल की है और मैं बंगलौर में अपनी इंजीनियरिंग कर रहा हूँ। मैं काफी गोरा हूँ, मेरा वजन 56 किलो है, मैं काफी चिकना हूँ और मेरी टाँगें और गाण्ड तो एकदम लड़कियों जैसी ही है। मैं जानता हूँ कि आप यही सोच रहे होंगे कि मैं एक गे हूँ पर यह सच नहीं है। ऐसे तो मेरी ज़िन्दगी के बहुत सारे किस्से हैं, चलो कुछ तो सुनाया जाए।
मैं वैसे तो एक साधारण लड़का बनकर ही रहता हूँ पर कभी कभी जब मैं अकेला होता हूँ तो मुझे लगता है कि मैं एक लड़की हूँ।

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