Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Sister made me Crossdress in her Clothes

Hi friends, my name is Vikram and I am 23 years old. I work in a Finance company and due to some company work, I had to visit Pune for 2 days. My sister used to stay in Pune as she was working in a multinational IT company. She used to stay with her friend in a flat. I promised her that I would meet her once I finish my official task. My sister is 25 years old. I was busy in my office till evening. Then after finishing my work, I visited my sister's place in the evening.

Her roomie was not there as she had night shift and she used to return in morning at around 10 am.
My sister's name is Suhana and she hugged me when she saw me standing at her door. She welcomed me inside. She had a nice flat. I just had to stay for a single night in her flat because the next morning I had a flight back to Delhi.

She made me a cup of tea as it was very cold outside. Then I wanted to get fresh so I used her washroom. I had a hot water bath and it was very relaxing. I didn't carry extra clothes as I was in Pune for just 2 days. After having bath I saw that my clothes including my underwear had fallen off from the hanger and was completely wet. Now I had nothing to wear.

I just wraped a towel and went to Suhana. I said "Suhana didi, all my clothes are wet and I don't know how they will ger dry tomorrow."

She said "Don't worry Vikram, let me hang them in the balcony and tomorrow morning, I'll iron them well."

I said "Ya that will be great. But what will I wear today? It is so cold."

She thought for a moment and said "Well, I don't have any male clothes. Don't worry wear my clothes for this night."

I said "Your clothes??"

She said "Yes my clothes. That is the only thing you can do."

I said "okk."

She said "Go wait in the bedroom and I'll give you some warm clothes."

I went to my her bedroom and she came back in 10 minutes carrying well folded clothes. She said "Wear these clothes and also wear this panty of mine."

I said "Will this fit me?"

She said "Try dear. Try to manage."

I though that the panty and the clothes will fit me as my sister is a bit plump and her figure is also 34-30-36.

I closed the door and had a look at the clothes. I had a sudden urge of wearing the soft clothes as I sometimes indulged in Crossdressing. I always keep my body smoooth and without any hair. I removed my towel, then before wearing the pink panty, I hid my penis in between my thighs.
Then I wore the soft cotton panty which was a perfect fit for me. See how I looked after wearing the panty.

I started feeling great. I adored myself in the mirror. I was feeling hot, very very hot. Then I unfolded the pink nightie also. I had often seen my sister wearing this pink nightie. You can see the pic at the start of this story. My sister in this nightie.

The nightie was very soft. I was feeling so horny that my penis had become rock hard. I couldn't control myself and lowered the panty, took out my hard 8 inch long penis in my hand and started masturbating. I thought to masturbate and take out my sperms.

When I was masturbating heavily, just then Suhana didi entered the room and was surprised to see me. She said "Ohh my God!! Vikram!!!!"

But at that time I was in my full horniness. I said "Don't say anything, I badly want to take out my sperms. These clothes are so hot..."

I kept on masturbating heavily and spurted out lots and lots of sperms. My sperms fell on Suhana didi and she was totally surprised.

After this, I regained my consciousness and told her "Suhana didi, I am sorry but I couldn't control. Your clothes are so soft and so hot that I had to do this."

She was cleaning my sperms from her clothes. She said "Vikram!! now wear those clothes properly."

I said "Suhana didi, please let me have a bra also."

She said "Vikram!!! what are you saying!!!"

I said "This is the most wonderful feeling I had now in my life. Please let me have your bra. I want to explore myself."

She didn't say anything and left the room.She came back within 2 minutes with a bra in her hand. She said "Remove that nightie and wear this bra."
I felt so happy. I removed the sexy nightie and took the bra from her. Have a look at the pink bra after I wore it. I was so tight that I developed cleavage.

Then I took two pillow covers, made them into balls and put them inside the bra cups to make fake boobs. Suhana was smiling. Then I wore the nightie and started admiring myself. We had dinner together but Suhana avoided the topic of crossdressing.

After having dinner I told Suhana that this moment is the most wonderful moment for me and I needed to masturbate again. She said "Go on Vikram. Fulfill your desires. Masturbate for me."

Her sudden words made me so horny that I removed my panty and started masturbating my hard penis. I was looking at her, her sexy curves and was masturbating. 
At that time Suhana was in purple nightie. I masturbated heavily and spurted out lots of sperms on Suhana's face. She grabbed my penis and started sucking it.She sucked all the sperms.

While sucking, she was rubbing her pussy very fastly and she also had an orgasm.

Next day, she gave me a purple panty and I wore it beneath my male clothes and left her place. This was the start of my Crossdressing experience.

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