Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The first time I Crossdressed and became an 'adult'

I was always attracted to ladies style of clothing from my childhood. When I was 5-6 years old, I used to wear my mom's petticoat and when the cloth rubbed on my thighs, I used to feel great. In the process of growing up, I tried wearing bra, blouses and salwar kameez. Wearing all these ladies clothes gave me a sense of satisfaction. I couldn't understand the exact feeling but I used to feel very happy. The pic in the left are of two of my mom's friend to whom I was attracted.

One day, when I was 15 years old, one of my friends took me to a nearby cyber cafe and showed me pornographic videos. It was the first time I was seeing such stuff. Seeing the videos gave me erection. That friend also taught me how to masturbate.

That night, I didn't sleep, I was not able to. I kept on recalling the videos and kept pressing my hard dick but didn't masturbate.

Next day, when dad was in office, lil bro went to school and mom went for shopping with aunty, I decided to try wearing some of mom's clothes. I opened the almirah. I thought that I would everything which a lady wears.

I opened the almirah and first of all, I searched for a panty. I found a brown panty. You can see the panty on the pic on left side. It was a very soft panty that my mom used to wear. I removed my clothes and wore the panty. It had a very satisfying feeling. I had an instant hard on.
It could cover my penis and I felt really feminine. It was the first time I was wearing a panty.

Then I searched for a bra and I decided to opt for an old black bra which my mom used to wear 2 years ago. I selected this bra because it was old and was soft. I used two of my underwears to make fake breasts. You can see me in the picture wearing my mom's bra and how my fake breasts look. I don't have hair on my body as I was just 15 years old. It gave me a feminine look. I was already feeling very horny.

Then I decided to wear blouse and petticoat. There were so many blouses in the almirah, but I searched for a blouse which would fit me perfectly. There was a white blouse, a red one, black, orange, green, yellow, brown and lots more. I decided to wear the red blouse and it was not big in size. So I took the red blouse. Then I searched for a red petticoat and found one.
I started wearing the petticoat and when its cloth touched my thighs, my bums, then I started feeling very feminine and very horny. Now I understood the happy feeling that I used to feel in my childhood, that it was actually the horny feeling. I badly wanted to masturbate but I controlled my desires.
Now it was time for wearing the blouse.
The blouse was an old one which mom used to wear when I was 3-4 years old. That is why its material had become very soft. I started wearing the blouse, and I carefully alligned my boobs in the blouse to make the cleavage look real.

I buttoned all the hooks in the front. Then I looked in the mirron and I found myself very sexy. I was feeling very hot and I started sweating. I was rubbing my penis from over the petticoat. But I decided not just to masturbate like that. I decided to think of some lady and feel like her and then I should masturbate. I didn't wear saree because I didn't know how to wear that.
See this pic how I was looking.

I sat on the sofa and started thinking of someone. I was thinking of one of my mom's friends. That aunty was very sexy. I started feeling as if I was her and her husband is about to fuck me. This was the first time I was going to masturbate in my life. I removed my panty from under the petticoat and took my rock hard penis in my hand.

I started squeezing it and felt as if I was a lady and some one in licking my pussy. Then I slowly started pushing my dick's skin up and down. I was feeling in heaven. Then suddenly i increased my speed. I was not in my senses as I was feeling very good and very horny. I kep on masturbating faster and faster and there was no stopping. Suddenly I felt an urge to masturbate even faster and I did that. 

Just then my white sperms erupted from my penis. It was the first time I was taking out the sperms. It kept on erupting and I was feeling that I don't want anything else except this feeling.
Then I removed the clothes and I was very happy that finally I have become an adult.

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