Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crossdressed in Sister's clothes

Once I had come home during holidays. My cousin sister who is 6 years older to me had also come to our house with her parents. She had got a job in this city.
From my childhood, I am attracted towards her because she is very beautiful and now she has a very sexy figure of 34 28 34. She looks exactly like Raima Sen the bengali actress.

Most of the time she wears salwar kameez which have zip at the back. She always looked sexy. One evening, she went for shopping along with her parents and my parents also accompanied her.

I didnt go as I told that I have to go o my friend's place so I stayed back.

I thought of quickly dressing up in one of her salwar kameez and fulfill my desire of masturbating while dressing up.

I opened her suitcase and was very happy to see her clothes. Waao, my childhood dream is about to come true.

One by one I started searching for a nice salwar kameez. First I took out a purple kameez, it was very soft but it won't fit me. Then I took out a brown one and that too won't fit me as my sister is lean. Then I placed my hand on an orange kameez, it had a zip at the back and had a deep neck. YES. this is the one which I will try on me.

Then I checked out the side pocket of the suitcase and grabbed two bras. One pink color and one white in color. But they would not fit me, however I can wear her panty because her pink color panty was made of viscous cotton which is strechable.

I removed my clothes, and hid my penis in between my thighs and wore her pink panty. It was very soft, but then I thought how to wear bra. Then an idea struck me. I opened the almirah and took out a white bra. It was my mom's 36 size bra. I wore the bra and hooked it from behind. Then I used two pillow covers to make fake boobs.

Then I searched the suitcase for a leggings or a Salwar pant. I found a purple colored patiyala pant. I wore it and tied it on my waist. I was feeling good.

Now it was time to wear her kameez. I started wearing the kameez, it was a bit tight at the arms area but it felt sexy. I zipped the kameez from behind. It was tight on my body but I was feeling sexy.

I looked at the clock, 20 minutes had passed since all of them went. They can be back anytime. Now I searched for a pic of my cousin sister's on my laptop. I searched her Orkut profile, I found one nice pic, she was wearing the same salwar kameez which I am wearing now. I imagined myself to be her. I sat of the sofa, kept the laptop on the table with the pic of my sister on full screen mode.
I removed my patiala, Slowly i also removed my panty.
Oh my god, my dick was so hard. I grabbed my hard and erect penis in my hand and started pressing it, I was feeling as if i am my sister and someone is fucking me. I kept looking at her pic, at her cleavege, her curves, her underarms and kept on masturbating, I couldnt control my desires and I increased my speed and spurted out all sperms on the laptop screen.

Waao what a feeling it was. I removed her clothes and wiped of the laptop screen. My mission was successful, next step- how to wear her clothes in front of her and then fucking her. Hope it gets fulfilled.

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