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Caught my Brother crossdressing in my clothes - Story of a Female to Male Crossdresser

Hi friends my name is Saaya. I am a regular reader of MyCdStories and thus decided to share my experience with you all. Well I am a young girl, 23 years old. My figure is 34-26-32. I am a MBA student. I like to wear salwar kameez, western wear and sometimes sarees also. I am very tomboyish. I like to behave as men do. I think that I should have been born as a male. I am quite attracted to females. You may think that I am a lesbo, however, this is what I am. I like to crossdress as a male. YES, I am a Female to Male crossdresser. When no one is at home, I get dressed in my brother Nikhil's clothes.

Nikhil, my brother is younger to me. He is 20 years old. I secretly get dressed in his t-shirts, jeans, formal clothes, socks, shoes, underwear. I have kept a fake moustache, beard and male wig. Whenever I am dressed as a male, I wear the male wig, moustache and the beard. I also wear a tight vest to keep my breasts as flat as I can.

One day when I was in college, my mom called me and told she was going to the supermarket with dad and Nikhil was going to visit his friend. I have extra door keys of the house. I felt a golden opportunity for CDiing. I quickly started my car and drove home. I opened the door and entered home. I went to my room and closed the door. Me and Nikhil used to share the room. I quickly removed my jeans and top. Then I removed my bra and panty.

I opened Nikhil's wardrobe and took out his black underwear, white vest, a white formal shirt and a black pant. I wore all of the clothes and properly tucked my shirt in the pants. Then I wore a black formal belt. I tied my hair in bun shape. Then I opened my wardrobe and took out my wig and wore it. Then I also wore the moustache and the beard. I was now a male.

Whenever I am dressed as a male, I browse sexy female pics in the computer and finger my pussy thinking than I am masturbating my virtual penis. Just when I turned towards the computer, I found something unusual. I found one of my panties lying near the chair. I took it in my hand and it felt wet. It had male sperms on it. I thought for a moment that Nikhil must have masturbated in my panty and just when I turned and opened the door of the attached bathroom, I saw Nikhil!!!!!

Oh my God, I am caught.. My F2M crossdressing is caught by Nikhil.. But wait.. What am I seeing? Why is Nikhil so terrified?

Now I got the situation. Nikhil was dressed in my clothes and had a female wig on his head. He was wearing my brown color salwar kameez. Its the same salwar kameez which I am wearing in the pic at the start of the Story. He was in a complete female avatar with all make up, bangles, payals, earrings, jewellery, sandals, wig, bindi. He was looking like a female.
After staring at each other for 5 minutes both of us started laughing. Then we sat on bed and Nikhil said "Didi, I didn't know that you are a female to male crossdresser.."

I said "Nikhil, even me, I didn't know that you are a crossdresser too.. What is your female name?"

Nikhil said "I call myself as Priya. What about you didi?"

I winked and said "I call myself Sam... sexy Sam.."

Then I said "Nikhil, I found my blue panty lying near the chair.. and it is wet with some sticky liquid.. are those your sperms?"

Nikhil said "Sorry didi, yes those are my sperms, whenever I am dressed in your clothes, I become excited.. and.. and I masturabate.."

I said while holding his hands "What do you think while masturbating?"

Nikhil said "Didi, now that we know each other as crossdressers, I won't lie. Whenever I am dressed, I think that I am you and some handsome male is fucking you. Then I masturbate.."

I said "It is ok Nikhil. Even I finger my pussy thinking that I am you and I am fucking a hot actress.."

Nikhil said "Really? well didi, you look like a man. Except your boobs shape, everything looks male.."

I said "Nikhil you also look like a sexy girl.. I am getting mad looking at you. Tell me, do you wear my clothes only? Or do you wear mom's clothes as well?"

He said "Didi, I tried mom's clothes, but she is a bit healthy. Her clothes are too loose for me. But your clothes are tight and fit me perfectly. By wearing your tight clothes I feel very hot."

I said "Great!! Tell me what all do you like to wear?"

He said "Didi you are asking in such a dominating way as if you are my boyfriend or husband. No wonder you should have been born as a male and I as a female"

I said "Well, thats true.. We are siblings, but when crossdressed, treat me as your husband. I'll treat you as my wife. Now common tell me what all do you like to wear?"

Nikhil said "Didi, I like to wear all your bra and panties. Your tight salwar kameez, your nighties, tops, frocks, skirts, jeans, your tight and deep blouses, petticoats and sarees. Everything didi. I even stick your sanitary pads in the panty which feels great on my penis."

I said "Hmm, you naughty girl, now stop calling me didi, call me Sam and I'll call you Priya. Now Priya, tell me, have you masturbated in all my panties?"

He said "Yes Sam, in all panties and in the cups of all your bras."

I asked him "Which panty and bra of mine are you wearing underneath the salwar kameez?"

Nikhil replied "Your purple panty which is very soft and tight. And your black padded bra."

I said by holding his arms "Do you feel like masturbating now?"

He said "Ohh.. yes.. I badly need to masturbate. You?"

I said "I want to fuck you. I want to fuck the hell out of you. I want to fuck you in every position."

Then I didn't wait to hear his reply, I just held him in my arms and started kissing him. We were sucking each others lips and I sucked all his lipstick. Then I made him lie down on bed and started licking his belly. I removed his salwar kameez, bra and panty everything and saw his 8 inch long dick which was staring at me. I also removed all my clothes except the moustache, beard and wig.

"I want to fuck you bitch" I said.

Thinking that he is a female and I am a male, I started sitting on his dick. His hard dick entered my pussy which made my pussy hot and wet. I sat on him and was moving my body up and down on him very hardly..

I was moaning "Ahhhh.. take it bitch, fucckkk youuuuu...."

He was moaning "Ohhh.. yessss.. fuck me haarder..."

We fucked in this way for 10 minutes and Nikhil shot all his hot sperms inside my pussy and I too had a blasting orgasm.

Now, I lied down on bed and he lied over me and started fucking my pussy in missionary position. Once again he spurted out his hot sperms inside my pussy.

It was a hot Incest Crossdressed fucking session. Now both of us dress each other and fuck each other. During night when Mom and Dad go to sleep, I dress my brother in my nighties while I get dressed in his pants and vests and we fuck each other madly.

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