Saturday, February 18, 2012

I became my Uncle's wife for a night

After that day, when I wore my aunt’s orange blouse and petticoat in the bathroom and masturbated, I wanted to look for an opportunity when no one would be at home so that I can experiment with some other clothes of hers.

Finally I got a chance. Aunty had to go to her village to attend a marriage.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Masturbated after wearing my aunt's clothes

Once I went to my uncle’s place during holidays. My uncle, aunt and my cousins were very happy to see me.
I had planned to stay there for a week.

My uncle is 50 years old, he is fat, dusky skin toned. While my aunt is 47 years old, she is a bit plump, wheatish skin toned and has a figure of 36 32 36.

Manvi gave me her clothes to wear

Once I was returing from office, I missed my cab. It was raining heavily and I was completely wet. Finally I found an auto and reached home. To my dismay, no one was in the flat and I didn’t have key. I called my room mate and he said he had gone to a party and will return after 12 midnight.

My maid helped me dress like her

I used to stay in a flat in Pune. A maid used to come every day for cleaning the house.

She was a Marathi maid. Her age would be 38. She used to wear Marathi sarees. Her complexion was dusky. Her figure 34 30 34.
Whenever she used to do work, I kept looking at her because her cleavage was always visible through her saree.

Caught wearing Maami's (Aunt's) saree

It had been so many days since I wore any of the ladies clothes.
My penis badly wanted the feel of a silky panty.
Well, what to do, I have come here to my mom’s mom place (naani). My naani, nana, mama (mom’s brother) and maami  (mom’s brother’s wife) stay here.

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