Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mom caught me in her bra and panty - Part 1

Story sent to us by one of our fans.
Hey frnds this is akash from delhi.I am 21 yrs old 5.10 long nd 65kg
weight. I am doing my engineering and went to home in vacations. I always felt
like a girl from inside and wore my moms clothes wenever i got a chance. I hav a very fair body with heavy thighs nd ass.When i was at home in my vacations,my father was out for a month.So I had to stay with my mother alone. I was so excited because i could now crossdress in his absence. One day my mother said she was going out to meet her some old frnd nd would return by evening.I was so happy at that time.

As soon as she went I opened her almirah. My mom is an indian wife with huge
boobs nd heavy ass which swings when she moves. I took out her black cotton panty nd a bra.I started masturbating after wearing it.I was so lost in my dreams that i did not notice that my mom had come and was looking at me.As soon as i opened my eyes she said.."wat r u doing akash"?

I was feeling very guilty at that moment. She went to her room and called me after sometime. As i entered her room she said "i never expected this from u. If u have such girly desires then you should have told me, I could hav helped u".

I said m sorry mom bt she had smthing else in her mind. She asked me that i had to stay like a girl for this whole month and she would help me in this and i had to obey wtever she says otherwise she would tell dad and my frnds abt this. I agreed and then she asked me to get ready as we needed to do sm shopping for me as a girl.

I changed and sat with my mom in the car. As soon as we reached a lingrie store, She bought 5pairs of bra and panty. later we purchased a skirt,top,suits n ol other dresses that a college girl would wear. She also took some footwear for me. As we were coming back she said she always wanted to have a girl and from now my name will b Anku. I was so happy to get my new name. As we reached home she asked me to take shower nd remove my hair from the body. I went for a bath.

When i came back i saw my almirah was full of girl clothes nd i had no boys
clothes from now. So i wore a white daisy d bra and pink soft cotton panty which covered my ass. Then i selected a pink top with decent neckline and a black skirt which came till my knees. I applied some black nailpaint and a glossy pink lipstick. I wore some bangles and a girl slippers. I also found a wig with dark brown straight hair. I wore the wig and I was so astonished to see myself in mirror. It was like a teen girl sitting there.

When i entered my moms room she was speechless nd said that u look great my daughter nd asked me to sit with her.later we made food together nd she taught me all girly stuff. At night when we were sleeping in her bed she put her hand on my bare legs. Her eyes were closed bt she was doin it.I pretended that i
was sleeping.She started rubbing my thighs vigorously nd pressed my
ass.I also responded to this nd gave her full space as she was my

Later she opened her eyes.She was wearing a sari. She came over me nd
started kissing me. Her hands were playing with my legs and ass.then she
opened her sari n was in petticot nd blouse. She opened my top nd kissd
my boobs. her hands were on my navel.I also opened her petticot n put a
hand on her legs while she continued kissing my body.then she removed
her blouse. Nw she asked me to stand up nd she lied on bed.she asked me
to do a little girl dance for her. I did all my steps.

she put a hand inside her panty nd started rubbing her clit.then she opened my skirt nd panty.she slapped my ass cheek nd started rubbing my asshole.she
said now do feel like  girl always.she was so horny at that time nd inserted two fingers.i moaned with pain. bt she continued doing it.i started enjoying it and held my penis. she did not give permission to masturbate. she said i had to masturbate wen she says otherwise she would bring my secrete to everyone. my mother used my secete nd blackmailed me.

later she held my penis nd masturbated. I spurted out all my cream on her cleavage. It was an awesome feeling. Then she asked me to go to my room nd gt up early  because it was a tough day. 

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