Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Dog fucked me After I Crossdressed

As I mentioned in most of my stories that I remain Crossdressed whenever I am in my flat because I stay alone. I look like a perfect lady after crossdressing. I dont have any hair on my body. I wear breast forms which look like real breasts and I also wear wig. That day I was wearing a brown saree with sleeveless blouse. For the whole day I was at home. I watched TV and played with my dog. I bought this black dog just a month ago. In the night after having dinner I went to my bedroom for changing clothes.

I removed my saree and then my blouse and petticoat. Then I removed my bra to expose my 36 inch breasts. However I didn't remove my panty. I wore a nightie which was black in color and transparent as well. The nightie came till my thighs and I looked damn hot in it.

Look at the pic above to get an idea of how was the nightie and how I looked. My dog was also sleeping in the same room. I sat on my bed and started reading magazine. I had my wig on. I looked like a perfect lady.

My dog climbed the bed and sat near me. He kept his head on my boobs, on my cleavage. I was rubbing his head with my hand while reading magazine. Then he started licking my neck as dogs usually do. Then he started licking my cleavage. I didn't mind so much because he was a dog.

However he started licking my boobs from over my nightie. Then I felt something fishy. I shoved him aside. He went and came to my other side and silently lied on the bed. After some time, he once again started licking me and this time my legs. I liked it when he licked my legs. And thus I didn't mind.

Then he once again became silent. After some time, he started licking my thighs. I was feeling a bit tired and thus I changed my position. My ass was facing up and my boobs pressed on the bed.

Then suddenly I felt my dog licking my lower thighs and then he was licking my panty, on to my ass. He was trying to get his tongue inside my panty. I quite liked it and without looking at him and pretending as if I was still reading the magazine, I lowered my panty a bit.

Then as expected the dog started licking in between my ass partition. He licked my asshole making me very horny. He kept on licking it vigorously. Then I faced him and was surprised to see what I saw.

I saw that the dog had a 10 inch long black dick which was up to its full size. Seeing that my dick had also reached its full size inside the silk panty. The dog was panting. Its dick was mouth watering. I sat and held his dick in my hand and just when I stroked it a bit he climbed on top of me and made me lie down once again on the bed.

I liked the feeling very much. My panty was half removed and when he god climbed on me, he tried to keep his dick on my asshole. To help him, I wrapped my legs and thighs on to his body and then he could rub his dick on my asshole. He kept licking my boobs with his big tongue.

I lowered the straps of my nightie and he started licking my nipples and my boobs. Suddenly he gave a very hard thrust and I almost screamed because it was unexpected. He inserted his dick in my asshole with just a single thrust.

Oh my god it was painful but my penis had become as hard as a rod. I took my penis in my hand and while my dog started fucking me, I started masturbating my penis. Then it was no longer painful and and very exciting and hot.

The dog vigorously started fucking me hardly by pushing its hard dick in and out of my asshole and I kept on masturbating my penis.

After 10 minutes of fucking, I felt the dog's hot sperms inside my asshole. It was so hot that I became more horny. But it didn't stop fucking me and kept on fucking my asshole and I also kept on masturbating my hard rod.

The dog once again ejaculated inside my asshole and suddenly I also spurted out a lot of hot sperms.

After this hot fucking session, I decided not to expose my sexy thighs to this dog because hot shiny thighs of women make dogs horny. I went to the bathroom had a bath and cleared all his sperms. Then I came out and wore the brown saree with sleeveless blouse and went to sleep otherwise this dog would have fucked me again.

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