Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mom helped in Crossdressing

Story submitted by reader.
Hi, my name is Rahul. I love crossdressing from my childhood days. I used to wear my mom's clothes. She always used to dress up in Sarees. I liked her way of dressing. Whenever I was alone in the house, I would dress up in her saree and then imagine myself as any Bollywood Actress and then masturbate. I have been masturbating in mom's panties. Let me tell you a bit about her. My age is 19 and her age is 41. She is 5'3 feet in height, a bit plump and her figure is 36-30-36.

One day when she went out for an evening walk with her friends, I crossdressed in her blue blouse and petticoat and masturbated in one of her old panties. Then mom came after 1 hour and saw me doing my homework. She was busy in household stuff. My dad had gone for office work to London and my elder sister used to stay in the hostel.

Mom entered my room with her old panty and asked me "What is this Rahul?"

I was surprised and afraid at the same time and said "What mom?"

She said "Don't you dare to lie. I know you have been wearing my clothes and masturbating in them"

I said "No mom, I never did that."

Mom said "Do you need proof? I have videos. Today I kept the webcam of my laptop in on mode just to check what you do when you are alone and I have the video."

I was completely afraid and fumbled a lot while speaking. I said "Mom... I... I.. I can explain... You.. I.. You know I love wearing ladies clothes. I just like the feeling."

Suddenly mom smiled and said "Don't be afraid dear. Its natural. Almost 1/3rd of men around the world are secret crossdressers. Come I would dress you up"

I said "What!!! really.. will you dress me up?"

Mom said "Yes, I would dress you up however, do not tell this to anyone. Its a secret between you and me."

I was suddenly so happy and said "Waao mom, thank you."

I went with her to her bedroom and she opened the wardrobe. She asked me  to remove all my clothes except my underwear. I did that and then she gave me a brown panty and told me to change that in the bathroom.

I took the brown panty to the bathroom and removed my underwear. Oh my god, my penis was as hard as a rock. It was very hard. I wore the panty which was made of pure cotton and was very very soft. I understood why mom gave me such a soft panty to wear. I somehow adjusted my erect penis inside the panty.

I came out of the bathroom and mom said "Look at your hard on. You have become a man. "

I blushed and said "This panty is so soft and thus it aroused me."

Mom said "Keep some of your excitement for this bra."

And then she handed me a black padded bra. She helped me in wearing the bra and hooked it from behind. It was a bit tight and thus was very sexy. The straps and the hooks were pressing against my shoulders and back and thus it made me feel very horny.

Then I took two of my underwear and kept them inside the bra cups to make fake boobs. Mom saw this and said "hmm.. now my son turned daughter need breasts"

I blushed like a girl.

Then mom gave me a black petticoat to wear. I wore the petticoat and tied it just under my belly. Then she gave me a black blouse to wear. I wore the blouse which belonged to my mom. I said "Mom you used to wear this blouse long time ago. Right?"

She said "Yes, this will fit you perfectly and thus I gave this to you."

I wore the blouse and yes it fit me perfectly. Its sleeves were short and the blouse had a deep back and neck cut. I felt very womanly in the tight blouse and the soft petticoat. I asked mom to make me wear the black saree in the same way she had worn her saree. Actually my mom was dressed in a pink saree.

Mom took out a plain transparent black saree for me. She started draping the saree around my petticoat and then made a three fold pallu and attached it ober my blouse with the help of a safety pin.

Then she made me sit in the dressing area. Applied makeup on my hairless face. Then a red lipstick. Red nailpolish on all my hands and legs' nails. Then she applied sindoor  and bindi on my forehead and gave me a necklace to wear around my neck.

We didn't have a wig and I was finally ready. Mom said "Whenever you are dressed, your name will be Anjali"

I said "Okay mom. I am Anjali now"

Then mom made me learn how girls walk, how they speak and some other stuff.  I was more interested of getting a chance to enter the bathroom and masturbate and take out my sperms. I had a sudden incest feeling in me about mom.

I really wanted to think myself as my mom and masturbate. While thinking all this, I was un-knowingly pressing my penis from over my saree. Mom saw this and said "What is this Anjali?"

I said "Please mom, it is high time now. Let me go to the bathroom. I cannot control anymore. I want to masturbate."

We were sitting on the bed and mom said "Masturbate here. I want to see how you masturbate."

I said "Really? Do you want me to masturbate in front of you?"

Mom said "Yes, imagine yourself as a lady and don't think you are masturbating. Think you are fingering your pussy in front of me."

I said "Mom, ohh mom.. I seriously cannot control it anymore. I have to masturbate."

Then I removed my saree and slowly I removed the soft brown panty from under the petticoat. I grabbed my 8 inch long penis in my hand and slowly started pressing it.

Mom asked "Whom are you imagining?"

I said "I am imagining you. I am thinking as if I am you and someone is fucking me. Oh my god it feels so great."

Mom said "You have made my pussy wet. Do you mind if I finger my pussy here?"

I said "Go on mom"

Mom removed her pink saree and was just in blouse and petticoat. Her blouse was very tight and her hot cleavage made me even more hot. She removed her black panty and started fingering her wet pussy very hardly.

I was also masturbating my dick hardly. I said "mom, can I feel your hot wet pussy"

Mom said "Ohh Anjali, yess, please fuck my pussy. it is throbbing.. please doo.. ahhhh"

I lost my control and grabbed mom's thighs and started pushing my hard penis inside her pussy. Oh god it was so wet and so hot inside. My penis felt great. It was deep also. I just couldn't control myself and started pushing my dick in and out of her pussy.

I fucked her like a dog and said "Ohh, mom, do you like it?"

Mom said "Yes you bitch, fill my deep pussy with all your hot sperms."

Mom's words made me even hornier and I fucked her more vigorously. I suddenly spurted out all my hot sperms inside her pussy and kept fucking her till she exploded into a blasting orgasm.

Then we hugged each other and slept in each other's arms.

It was like a incest lesbian sex. From that day me and mom crossdress and have fun.

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