Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Sex after Crossdressing - Hot CD sex story

Mr. Nair was a businessman of 45. He was married and had two children. His wife Uma 40 was a housewife and his two children Rajni and Rohit were students. Rajani studies in 10th and Rohit was doing his engineering. In his neighborhood another family stays and that was Mr. Gopi’s. Mr. Gopi’s wife was Rajeshwari and they had a Son whose name was Kiran. Kiran was 22 and he was doing his Degree. Both the families were in good touch. One day Mr. Nair did not go to office because some of his friends told him that they would visit him that evening at 4.

Uma and two children were not at home as the children went to class and Uma went to market to buy some vegetables for the guests. Kiran was a guy with feminine characteristics. He was slim and had a waist size of just 28 weighing just about 50 kg. The boy was very sexy indeed with his wheatish complexion and red lips. His eyes were gorgeous. Kiran always had the fantacy of being a girl in his dreams. He had a desire of living as a girl.

Whenever he got time to spend at home alone he used to wear his mom’s sarees and ornaments. He even fantasized about having sex with his mom. Kiran was having their college arts festival on that day and he stayed at home as his mom and dad were going for a marriage on the same day. Kiran planned to do some make up that day. He managed to obtain a wig from their friends who went to buy the costumes for drama. In fact at the shop he ordered one more wig for himself without the knowledge of his friends and hid that in his pick up bag and put that in the front cover of his bike. Kiran was in high spirits on obtaining the wig.

He used to call him by the name Shriya because he admired the sensuous actress Shriya very much. Just after his parents left the home Kiran went to bath. He was very excited to wear his mom’s blue saree. At 10 in the morning he finished his bath and took his mom’s blue silk saree. He was so excited that Gopi and Rajeshwari went to a far place and they would come by 6 or 7 in the evening. He took blue nail polish that was matching for his saree. This is the first time he gets this much time to get dressed. He painted his toes and fingers with blue nail polish. He himself kissed on his fingers after seeing the beauty of his arms. He started with eyeliners and made his eyes more beautiful. His cock was very hard on this experience. Then he took his moms red panties and smelt that. He enjoyed the smell of that and wore that.

His cock was bulging inside that panty. The tip of the cock was heading out from the panty. The tip of his cock became red by becoming hard. The pilot fluid made his moms panty wet. He wore his moms white bra next and wore that very passionately. She filled the bra with some satin cloth. The girl inside him came out even through his words. “Shriya you are so sexy”. He told himself. Later he started to wear the saree with a blue sleeveless blouse. And after the dressing.

He wore bangles, anklets, earrings and nose rings. He searched for a toe ring but he didn’t get. Now it’s the time for putting the wig. Seeing himself in the mirror was an absolute delight for the young CD Shriya. He was stunned to see his girlish beauty. “Oh My God. What it would be when I wear the wig also?” he thought. He put the wig and wore that too. And took bindi from her mom’s collections. The bindi’s color was Yellow. He loved yellow bindis very much. He made his lips much redder by the lipstick he got from her collection. He could feel his cock becoming harder and harder in his sexy mom’s panty. He felt the wetness in his panty. The boy lied on bed and made some tinkling sounds by the bangles and anklets. Shriya was over the moon by this amazing experience. He lied on the bed and rubbed his cock against the mattress. 

Mr. Nair was trying to put some DVD in his player but it is not working. He tried a lot but it was not working. He was searching for a screwdriver to open the player but he didn’t find that. He thought, “Gopi might be having screwdriver”. Nair came out from his house. He did not lock the door. Gopi’s gate was open. Shriya never thought of any one coming to his home in the daytime. At the same time Shriya was peeing inside the bathroom in saree as girls do. The window, which was at adjoining room of bathroom, was open. Nair just looked in to the window without giving much care. But the scene was unexpected. The back view of a girl.

Suddenly he thought both Gopi and Rajeshwari have gone for the marriage in the morning. Who would that be?? “Hey who is that”?? Nair shouted. Accidentally Shriya looked back and saw Nair uncle staring at her. She thought “Oh God.. I am Caught. Now confession is the only solution”. Shriya ran to bedroom and changed dress. He came and opened the door. Nair was at door and he entered the living room without telling him anything. Shriya told all about his girlish feelings and his dressing habits to Nair. But Nair didn’t shouted any more and he was having a tender approach towards the Girl. He said “Kiran, it all happens in life and we must not think that it’s a very big sin. 

God has created your body like this and in your mind you are a girl. So I wont tell this matter to anybody. You can trust me. By the way. Do u have any Female name? I mean any girls name that you have given to yourself”. Kiran was feeling happy because Nair was supportive to him. But he did not express it. He was shyly looking downwards. Nair came close to him and he put his hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Don’t feel shy dear. Don’t worry you can trust Nair uncle.

No one will know this. Tell me the name if you have.. Otherwise I will give you one”. He looked into the eyes of oldie Nair. The traces of his makeups were still there in Shriya’s face. The lipstick was not totally removed. And the eyeliners also were there. She blush fully smiled and said. ”Shriya”. Nair laughed and said “Wow that’s a great name dear.. I love it”. Nair told her “Shriya, Can you dress once more for me. I would like to see you girlish beauty. Even a glance of you made me confused dear.” Shriya was so happy and she thought of seducing the old man and having some hot sex with him today. She said “Yes Uncle.. If you are interested I will do that for you”.

She went to the dressing room and put the saree and all the ornaments and makeups. She came out diffidently as a shy girl. Oh Shit…. This is absolute beauty dear. You just looks like a cute shemale. I admire you. Nair told. Thank you uncle. She came close to the man and he was feeling the smell of the lavender perfume she used. He was a man with good physique and even that made her horny. The smell made the oldie Nair horny. “Come on dear.. come close to me..” She came closer and he put his hands around Shriya’s hip. She was very happy hug him passionately.. “My Goodness. Sex in CD was a dream. Will that happen today..” she stand on Nair’s feet and Nair was in ecstacy. His cock rubbed on the stomach of Shriya. “Honey If you don’t mind can you be my slut di???” she doesn’t tell a word and just smiled.

I can fulfill all your fantacies… group sex.. orgy.. incest and everything.. Shriya hugged him and said “I Love You Uncle.. Really I Love You.. But no one should know all these thing ” 

“You can trust me dear.. I wont tell this to any one” 
Nair kissed her in the red lips. They were smooching passionately. She sucked his tongue like a cock. 

“You are making me mad dear” Nair lustfully told 
he sat on the floor and started to lick her navel. Shriya moaned slightly “Oh Uncle.. wow…. Aaahhhhhh…….. You are making me horny…. Am your bitch uncle…..” 

Nair’s tongue searched through the navel of Shriya. Shriya was holding his head closer to her navel. Nair stood up and both of them went to bedroom.. there he saw Shriya’s moms nailpolish on the table. And he took that and made the girl lie and he painted that on the navel of Shriya. She was moaning and was making some sounds that encouraged Nair’s 8 inch cock. Shriya loved Nairs acts. It was the first time for Shriya that a man hugging her or smooching her.

He made shriya stand up put her feet on a stool. He started to lick that lovely toes. She was looking anxiously at Nair licking her feet as a slave. She was thinking about the seducing beauty she is having and she felt proud of it. Nair removed her shirt. Shriya becamer more lusty by seeing the muscular body of Nair. She started to suck his nipples hardly and she even bitted those. Nair was caressing her balls at the same time. “You are killing me baby…. Ooooooooooohhhh” he said in a groaning voice. He slowly started to removed her saree’s pallu and saw her boobs filled by satin. 

Shriya, whose bra is this? You bought this? 

No uncle, its my mom’s. I told you na I have some incestual feeling too… she said kissing his lips. 

Oh… okay…. So you like to fuck Rajeshwari also? 

Hm. Yes uncle. But I don’t know how to do this… am so sad about that… 

Okay dear… Rajeshwari is very sexy… even I had masturbated with her fantacies. I would like to fuck you both on a bed… wow.. what a feel that would be. 

Shriya showed her back to Nair and told him in a girlish tone “ Uncle , remove that blouse” 

He removed the blouse very slowly.. he rubbed his cock against her round ass.. 

Di, your mom would be very horny while wearing these na? Have you seen her naked? 

Yea. I used to peep while she’s taking bath. Mom is really hot uncle. I always feels that dad is lucky to fuck her. Even am jealous of Dad. 

Now shriya is in her bra and and was showing her stomach. The stomach was hairless and nair saw the navel which was painted with nail polish was tempting. He rotated his finger in that. He spit in to that and rotated his fingers that tenderly. He again spit into her navel and the saliva was flowing into her panty. Nair was spitting into her mouth and she did the same to him. Both of them were taking pleasure in this game. While spitting each other they locked their lips again. She was enthusiastically hugging him. Nair pressed her ass and made her close to him and rubbed each others cock. He slowly removed her bra and licked her neck and sucked that rose nipples. Nair was surprised by seeing that rose nipples just like a blonde shemale. His cock was becoming harder and harder.

He bited the tits and shriya became wilder. She hold Nairs cock in her arms and she felt that the cock was just like an iron rod. Shriya was so excited to think about how this man will fuck her and what an experience that would be. Shriya removed her saree fully. Nair licked her cock which was covered in her hot mom’s panty. He was thinking about Rajeshwary by the sexy odour of that panty. He was thinking of Rajeshwary’s ass cheeks and pussy. He removed his lungi and underwear his tool was just like a rod. Shriya hold that in a second and started to lick that from the balls to the top of his tool. He lied on the bed and she was eating his precum with much pleasure. She was still in her panty. While licking her bangles and anklets were making that sexy tinkling voice. The head of her cock was out of the panty.

She spit on Nair’s cock and the precum and saliva was drooling from her mouth. Nair closed his eyes and was in a world where only he and his slut enjoying the pleasure to the maximum. Shriya was licking that very passionately and was rubbing her cock with one hand. Her panty was almost wet by the precum and Nair’s saliva which he spit earlier. She enjoyed his dick like an icecream. Oh.. dear I cant control… he said… hmmmmm.. yeaaaaa………. You are a killing beauty honey… 

Muaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……… she stopped licking the cock and kissed on his lip. They enjoyed the precum of Nair. The drooling saliva and precum was making Shriya face just as a slut’s. He removed her panty. Her dick was very soft like a shecock. He kissed on the top of that red top of her shecock. And sucked that. The girl was on cloud nine. She loved the feel. She moaned.. 

“Uncle… make me pregnant by your dick… hmmmmmmmmmmm Yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….. wowwwwww” Hearing this words encouraged Nair and he did his work very nicely.. He kissed on her soft round ass and inserted his finger into that tender asshole. It was very tight. He inserted his index finger by giving much pressure. Shriya cried very loudly….. Ohhhhhhhhh…………. Uncle…………… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….. Fuck Me Haaaaaaaaaaaarddddd……… She was so excited because while inserting his finger Nair was licking and biting her shecock. She was feeling like she’s in heaven.

Shriya cried and he turned her and licked her asshole and he even tried to insert his tongue into her ass. She was twisting her body by the sexual pleasure she was getting by this. He inserted her finger into her asshole and simultaneously licked her ass hole. The smell of her ass hole was very exciting for Nair. “You bitch…. I’ll fuck you and your mother di…. Wow….. the stink from your ass is great….. Muaaah…… ” he kissed on the ass cheeks. 

Now you lick my ass……. He said that in a crying voice.. Shriya was very happy to do this.. Licking an asshole for the first time.. wow that would be amazing.. and I must do this very perfectly…. She thought. He turned around and she gave her mouth to his ass. Shriya licked that hairy asshole. Nair was mesmerized by her act. 

"now you lie I wanna fuck you hard." 

"Uncle the asshole is very small will your 8 inch dick will be in? "

"Its okay" … he spitted into her asshole and again licked that…. He tried to put the dick in to her asshole. He gave a lot of pressure but the result was failure and even tears came from shriya’s eyes because of the pain. Oh You Fucker.. You broke my asshole… she said… 

"We shall use some lubes…Do you have oil? "

Okay… I have… she told in a rude voice… that much was the pain Shriya suffered while he tried to fuck her… 

She left the bed and went to kitchen naked. Nair also accompanied her and she put a hold on his cock. He followed her to the kitchen and she took some coconut oil from there and both came back to the bedroom. He slapped on her asshole while entering bedroom. 

He placed one of her leg on a table. Again he started to lick those beautiful toes. And after that he took some oil into his hand and smeared that in her asshole. Nair spit into asshole again and inserted his index finger in her asshole. Gradually he inserted the second finger. And the third one also. At first that was painful for Shriya even with the oil. But she started to enjoy. She was ready to allow the old cock inside her asshole. 

How is it? Is that loose now…??? He asked 

Yesssssssssss Uncle…… Hmmmm…. Fuck Meeeeeee………. Ohhhhhhhh…………. 

This time he inserted the cock without giving much pleasure. She put a hand on his shoulder and brought him closer to her and they started to lick each others tongue. His cock was inside her asshole and she was in an unexplainable mood. Nair started to fuck her. The old man fucked with fervor and shriya was crying. He fucked her just as a man fucking a shemale. The sounds became louder. Both of them started to sweat out. Nair bit her ears while fucking…. 

Oh…. Bitch… howz it????? Hmmmmmmmm aaaaaahhhhh……….. 

Yea… its goooooooooooooodddddddd………… ssssssssss………..aaaaaaahhhhhhhh………. 

Will you be my slut……………hmmmmmmmmm??? 

Yessssssssssss…….. dear… fuck me hard………….. fuck me… and make me pregnant………….. Fuck my mom.. tooooooooo…………. We both will serve you ………….. as sluts….. wow……. Want your cum in my mouth ……. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh……………… its great…………….. 

Nair fucked her so hardly….. the precum from asshole was coming out….. she was having the best day in her life…… Nair was thrilled………… both of them were on the verge of orgasm…… 

Hmm…. Am cumming ……….. bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. 
Hmmmmmmmm… gimme that in ma mouth………… ooooooohhhhhhhh………. 

She knelt on the floor………… yea… gimme……… she jerked her cock herself..… 

Nair jerked off and loaded his cum on Shriya’s face…. Ohhhhhhhh…… take this you young bitch…………… Nair cum filled her mouth… and she gargled it with pleasure…………….. then nair made her lie on the floor and sucked her shecock very hardly… shriya was gargling nairs cum…. Nair bit her balls and fingered her ass… she was so excited but still she did not opened her mouth as she was thinking that the cum will go out soon… At last she also exploded on bed.

That was the most wonderful moment of Shriya who bacame my friend later.

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  2. pls write like this story always wow wonderful i wanna to be nair

  3. pls write like this story always wow wonderful i wanna to be nair

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  24. I want to become shriya


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