Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crossdressed with Wife

This is a story submitted by my friend who is a CD.I have been married for 2 years. My wife is a housewife and she is very beautiful. I always admired her beauty and we had a great sex life in the beginning. However recently I have been busy in my work that we hardly had sex. The company in which I worked had just closed down my process and thus I was on leave for 2 weeks.And thus I was trying hard to make our sex life better.

My wife is a short heighted woman of 5'3 feet with a figure of 36-30-36. She always used to wear sarees with tight blouses.

I remember that I used to Crossdress during my college days. But slowly I drifted from this hobby as I became serious in my career.

This day I was at home with my wife. She made tea and breakfast in the morning and we had breakfast together. We chatted for hours and joked on each other and laughed. It was a very light moment and we were enjoying each other's company. She was wearing an Orange Saree with a half sleeved blouse tight in the arms. Her blouse had a deep back cut.

During evening we went outside to have a light supper on the street side and then we sat in a park. My wife told me that she wanted a baby. I said, we will plan for it and we came back home. At home, my wife started the sex topic. She said that we didn't have a good sex life and what we should do about it.

I said it is the usual sex we have, we will have to try something new. Something exciting that can keep our sex life active. I asked her about her desires, what she liked the most during sex. She told that she wanted to be dominating during sex, and this makes her horny.

At this opportunity, I gathered much courage to tell her that once I used to CrossDress and this makes me feel horny and perform well in bed. She listened to me carefully and after talking on this topic for 30 minutes, she went to prepare dinner. We had dinner and finally I went to have a hot water bath. I came out in a gown and went to our bedroom.

My wife also came wearing the same saree. She sat near and said that she had a surprise for me. I asked her what surprise she had. She said "In evening, ou said that sometimes you like to crossdress."

I said "Yes"

Then she said "Would ou like to wear my saree?"

I said "Are you sure?"

She said "What do you like in my dress up?"

I said "I like the tight blouses that you wear."

Then she said "I have so many blouses. Which one would you like to wear now?"

I smiled and said "Now!! well, I like when you wear the red blouse."

She went to the wardrobe and brought out a red blouse and petticoat. She asked me to remove my clothes. Suddenly a gush of current flowed through my entire body when I realized I was about to Crossdress after so many months.

I removed my clothes and she asked me to remove my underwear also. When I removed my underwear, my penis was as hard as a rock.

She said "Waao, I have been dying to see this toy for so many days and I have never seen it so hard."

She gave me a pink cotton panty to wear. It was very soft and made of pure cotton and had velvet touch from inside. I wore the panty and it was an awesome feeling. My penis was still hard inside the panty.

Then she helped me in wearing a black padded bra. It had thin straps and my body felt great when the straps touched my skin. She hooked the bra from behind. She took two satin clothes and folded them in nice round shaped balls and inserted them in my bra cups to make fake boobs.

Then I took the red petticoat. Its touch was so girlish. It was made of thin cloth and was pure cotton. I wore the petticoat and tied the knot just under my belly. It was very soft and its feeling was awesome. When the petticoat touched my thighs and legs, I once again felt like a horny lady which I felt when I used to CrossDress.

Then she gave me the blouse for which I was waiting so eagerly. I wore the blouse and placed the bra cups inside it carefully. I hooked the red blouse from front. It was a bit tight however a perfect fit for me. I felt damn hot in the blouse. It had short sleeves which were tight and had deep back cut.

I was feeling great. My wife had also removed her saree and ws just in her orange blouse and petticoat. She looked so hot in the tight blouse which exposed her cleavage that I started imagining myself having the same deep hot cleavage.

She said "For today, only blouse and petticoat is enough. tomorrow I'll dress you up in saree as well."

My penis was so hard and tight inside my panty that without saying a word, I took her in my arms and started kissing her deeply. I removed her panty from under her petticoat and started licking her throbbing wet pussy.

She was moaning like a horny bitch. Then I removed my panty from under my petticoat and she took it in her mouth and sucked it as if it was her toy. Her tight blouse had developed sweat marks due to the heat of the moment.

I removed her blouse and her bra and exposed her hot boobs. I sucked her black nipples one by one while fingering her pussy. My penis was so hard that I lifted her petticoat and ripped her wet and hot pussy by inserting my penis inside.

Oh my god it was so wet and damn hot. I pushed my penis inside her and started fucking her madly. I was also in blouse and petticoat and it was giving me a pleasure of lesbian sex. I wanted to tear her pussy by fucking her as hard as I could. I wanted to fill her hot pussy with my sperms.

I couldn't control much and spurted out a lot of hot sperms inside her pussy. It was such a hot moment that she had a blast like orgasm.

That night we had a great sex and from that day, every night we have sex where I crossdress and try all her clothes.

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