Friday, July 6, 2012

Crossdressed for the First Time and was Fucked - Best Experience of my Life

Once I was chatting online when I came across a Crossdressing page on Facebook. I didn't know that Crossdressers have their secret identity on Facebook. I really liked dressing up in my mom's blouse petticoat and salwar kameez but never had a chance to dress up along with make up, wigs etc. I created another FB profile as a Crossdresser and made many friends. I chatted with lots of CDs online for a month and one day I came to know that a CD named Prachi had started a service for people who liked to crossdress.

She had an amazing list of services for decent prices. I noted her number and called her up and took an appointment. I was 18 years old that time and was staying with parents.

On Sunday, I went to the given address. It was a flat and when I knocked, a pretty girl opened the door. She was a beautiful girl who was wearing a pink salwar kameez. However when she introduced herself, I was shocked to learn that she was actually a CrossDresser. She Welcomed me inside and told me that I have soft and hairless skin and she could make me look like a hot and sexy girl.

She asked me to come to the bedroom and I went. She asked me to remove my clothes and I did. Then she apllied body butter cream on my body and massaged it to make my skin smooth and shiny. After doing all the massaging stuff, I was ready for a Crossdressing session.

Prachi gave me a wig and a breast form which had 34 inch breasts with black nipples. Then she showed me a wardrobe and asked me to search the wardrobe for suitable clothes and wear which I felt the best for me. Then she left the room.

I went to the wardrobe and opened it. It had a lots of clothes. For the first time in my life I was seeing so many clothes and all kind of CD stuffs. I took out a black bra, a black panty, a green blouse, petticoat and a green saree.

First of all, I took the breast forms and started wearing them. The breasts were of the same color as my skin. I felt really great to have such big breasts on my chest for the first time. I looked at my nipples and already started feeling girly. Then I wore the wig which had long and straight hair curled from the bottom.

Waao, I was a girl.. feeling so great and womanly. Then I removed my underwear and hid my penis which was already hard in between my thighs. I wore the black panty which was made of pure cotton. It was so soft that it covered my whole ass and penis. Then I took the black bra and started wearing. It had thin straps and I carefully placed my breasts in the cups of the bra. I hooked it from behind. It was a bit tight and thus it gave me a nice deep cleavage.

The my body was feeling great due to the tight straps on my shoulders and back. Then I took the green petticoat and wore it. It was very soft and was made of very thin cloth. When the petticoat touched my thighs and legs, I felt really awesome. I tied the petticoat just under my belly. Then I took the blouse which was made of pure cotton.

I put my arms in the blouse arms and started wearing it. It was pure cotton blouse and had quarter length sleeves and arms. I made sure that tha straps of the blouse remain inside my blouse. I hooked the blouse from the front. It had a deep neck and a deep back cut. My cleavage was clearly visible and I was feeling very hot after wearing the blouse and petticoat.

Then I started draping the saree around my petticoat on my waist. I made a two fold pallu and placed it over my blouse and attached it with the help of a safety pin. The saree was plain green and a bit transparent. I looked in the mirror and was looking great wig the blouse petticoat saree wig breasts.

Then I called Prachi for make up. She came and admired me my beauty. She told that since I didn't have any facial hair on my face , I looked like a young woman even without make up.

She adjusted my pallu a bit to give me a more lady like look. Then she made me sit in front of the dressing table. The applied make up on my face like foundation cream etc. Then she applied red lipstick on my lips, earrings on my ear, bindi on my forehead, nailpolish on all my nails, payals around my legs and gave me a simple gold necklace to wear. Then she made me wear golden sandals which had semi heels.

Now for the first time in my life I was dressed as a complete woman and was looking so real that when I looked at my image in the mirror, I had a hard on.

Then I went to another room where Prachi introduced me to other CDs and she told me to practice speaking in ladies' voice.

There were 5 CDs sitting in the front room and I joined them. Every one there was smiling mischieviously. I couldn't understand until a handsome man came there. Prachi announced that his name was Shaun and he would select one Crossdresser to have fun with him. Shaun started looking at all CDs including me. When he came near me he said "You are very beautiful, come I will make ou a complete woman"

I felt a bit shy and understood that he wanted to have sex with me. I agreed and went with him to another flat in the same building.

We went to the bedroom and kissed. There was no pallu on my blouse and it made me look like a sexy lady. While kissing I unbuttoned Shaun's shirt and took it off his body. He had a great body. I pressed myself on his chest and he started kissing my shoulders and while doing that he started opening the hooks of my blouse. I was aroused like hell. Then he removed my saree and I was just in a blouse and petticoat exposing my cleavage and my belly.

He made me lie down on bed and he started licking my belly. It was giving me shivers. Then he came over me and kissed me again, while kissing he removed my blouse and I was left in bra. Then I came over him and removed his trouser. He was wearing a frenchie inside his trouser and his dick was struggling hard to come out. I started rubbing his dick from over his underwear. Then he unhooked my bra and my boobs sprung out on my chest. He couldn't make that these big breasts were actually fake. He started pressing them and sucked both my nipples while rubbing his penis from over his underwear.

Then I bent down to remove his underwear. Waao!! I was surprised at what I saw. He has a 8 inch long and thick cock which was hard like a rod. I took his cock in my hand and he slowly whispered 'aahhh'. I applied my saliva on his hard penis and slowly started pressing it with my tongue. Then I started taking it into my mouth and he slowly started mouthfucking me. I was sucking his penis deep in my mouth. Then I took his hard rod in between my big breasts and he started fucking my breasts. Then I stood up he hugged me and kissed me again.

While kissing, he opened the knot of my peticoat and made it to fall to the ground. Then he asked me to sit on the bed like a bitch. I sat on the bed like my master ordered. He then removed my panty from behind. My ass was exposed to him and my hard penis also came out. Then he started rubbing my asshole from the tip of his hard penis.

I was feeling like a slut waiting to be fucked. Then he started inserting his penis into my asshole and grabbed my big breasts from behind. It was painfully exciting. He slowly entered his full dick inside my ass and grabbed my breasts tight in his hands. He slowly started fucking me and I held my hard penis in one of my hands.

While Shaun started increasing his fucking speed and at the same time I was masturbating my penis. He started fucking me hard, my breasts were dancing in the air like that of porn actresses. Just then he told that he is going to cum. He took his penis out of my asshole and faced my face and started shaking his hard dick madly. His dick spurted out lots and lots of hot sperms on my breasts and also in my face and at the same time I also took out all my sperms after masturbating my penis hard.

It was such a wonderful experience which made me feel like a complete woman and my life as a Crossdresser had started.

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