Friday, July 6, 2012

Caught My Neighbor Crossdressing in his Wife's Clothes

I used to stay with my family on the second floor of a building. Just next block, in the first building, one more family of three people used to stay. A husband, a wife and their 10 year old son. I was a bit attracted towards the lady because of her dressing style. She used to wear very tight salwar kameez and always looked hot. I would often go and see through the window opening if the lady was there changing clothes or not.
One day, during early morning, I went for jogging. I saw the window half open.

Thus, I went near the window and carefully started watching what was happening inside. I was really happy to see her changing clothes. She was in bra and was either removing or wearing her kameez. Just when she finished wearing her kameez, her face was visible and I was totally surprised to see that it was not HER, it was HE... her husband CrossDressing in her clothes.

I didn't know how a sudden power emerged in me, I opened the window completely and the husband noticed me. He ran away from that room. I also left and came to the main door of their apartment. I knocked the door and no one opened. I felt some footsteps but no one opened. Then I said "Open the door, I will not tell anyone."

Then the door was opened. The man opened the door. The family was of Sharma's. Mr Sharma opened the door and welcomed me inside. I said "Dont worry, I will not tell anyone, I am just curious to know what were you doing?"

Mr Sharma said"Many men have a Crossdressing habbit. Even I have the same, I was just crossdressing in my wife's clothes"

I said "Okay, thats exciting, even I would like to crossdress in your wife's clothes. I feel her clothes are very sexy and damn hot."

He smiled and said "Sure!! It is a very addictive hobby, you will love it. Come with me to the bedroom"

We went to the bedroom in the wardrobe area. There Mr Sharma showed me his wife's clothes. There were a lot of salwar kameez of different colors but the type was same. Then he showed me all her wife's bras. She had 8 bras. Some were normal bras. some padded and some push up bras. He selected a white bra for himself and gave me a black padded bra.

He said "Remove your clothes and wear this padded bra. You will love it."

I removed my shirt and slipped my arms into the bra straps. Mr Sharma hooked the bra from behind. Then he folded two cloth and inserted them in the cups of the bra. My chest and back were feeling very good due to the bra straps and now the fake boobs were also very appealing.

Mr Sharma quickly wore the white blouse and folded two pillow covers for making fake boobs by keeping them in the bra cups. Then he took out two panties from the wardrobe. One was blue in color and the other was black. Both were pure cotton nighties and were very soft. He gave me the black one. I removed my underwear and while I decided to wear the pantie, Mr Sharma asked me to hide my penis in between my thighs.

He said "You have a nice dick, just hide it in between your thighs and then wear the panty. Actually the pantie is very soft and made of pure cotton with a velvet touch. So if you wear it in a proper way, it will give you a very womanly feeling."

I did as he said and I was really turned on by wearing the panty. It nicely covered my ass and penis area. I felt so good that my penis also had started becoming hard.

Then Mr Sharma after wearing his panty, took out two dresses. One was a purple salwar kameez and the other one was a black salwar kameez. He gave me the black one.

I said "Your Wife looke really hot in this salwar kameez. Don't mind but I have masturbated so many times after seeing her dressing in this particular salwar kameez."

He smiled and I unfolded the leggings. I started wearing theblack leggings which attained the perfect shape of my ass. It was skin tight and was made of viscous cotton. I felt great wearing Mrs Sharma's clothes and it made me feel like her. Then I started wearing the kameez. The kameez was a bit tight and was a perfect fit. It had a decent neck cut however a deeper back cut. It was tight from the arms and had quarter length sleeves.

I felt really great after wearing a lady's salwar kameez. Mr Sharma was also ready in purple salwar kameez. He kinda looked good and if he had wig and applied some make up, he would have definitely looked more beautiful and more like a lady.

Then we both sat and I said "I feel really good and turned on after wearing the tight and skimpy salwar kameez. Tell me do you masturbate after CrossDressing?"

He said "Yes, off course, every CD masturbates after CrossDressing. Do you feel like masturbating?"

I said "Yes, I would love to masturbate in front of your wife. Can I masturbate now because my penis has become very hard and I cannot control anymore."

Then Mr Sharma came closer and sat on his knees on the floor. He kept his hands on my waist and lowered my leggings to my feet. Then he started rubbing and pressing my penis from over the cotton panty. I felt in heaven.

Then he lowered my panty and my penis sprang out. It was a great feeling. He started stroking my penis after taking it in his hand. My 8 inch long rod like hard penis felt very great. Then he pressed his lips and tongue on the head of the penis. It was an awesome feeling.

Then I removed my leggings and panty completely and Mr Sharma started sucking my dick from top to bottom. I closed my eyes and started imagining that Mrs Sharma, his wife was sucking my dick and I was feeling very very horny.

After 5 minutes of cock sucking session, I really wanted to fuck his wife but as she was not there, I couldn't control my emotions and asked Mr Sharma to sit in a doggy's position as I wanted to fuck him hard. He sat like a bitch on the floor. I went behind him, lowered his salwar and his panty. I kept the tip of my penis in his asshole. My penis was as hard as a rod. I grabbed his fake boobs from over his kameez and started inserting my hard dick in his asshole.

He started moaning because he was feeling great. I closed my eyes and imagined as if I was fucking his wife. Then I fully inserted my penis in his asshole and started fucking him my making my rod go in and out of his asshole. Slowly after 5 minutes, I was fucking him like a dog. I kept imagining as if I was fucking his wife.

I started speaking dirty to him while fucking him I said "Fuck you bitch, I will fill your horny asshole with all my hot sperms.."

Just that I was about to spurt out my sperms. I threw out all my hot sperms in his asshole and I was completely exhausted. Just then he started stroking his hard penis and he also threw out his sperms on the floor.

It was a nice experience, though I was not a gay, but I imagined myself fucking his wife and I loved Crossdressing. From then onwards, I crossdress in my Mom's clothes.

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