Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuition Teacher Fucked Me after I was Crossdressed

I had difficulty in preparing for the Physics paper and thus I had hired a Tuition teacher to help me in preparing the subject. I was in the final year of my Engineering and I used to stay alone in the flat because of my Crossdressing hobby. I have a smooth body with no trace of hair. Due to the body butter treatment, my body is very soft and shiny as well. I have breast forms, wigs and lots of ladies clothes. Whenever I am crossdressed, I look like a Sexy Indian Woman.
However my tuition teacher didn't know that I am a crossdresser as I remain in my Male avatar in front of him. The teacher is a Professor in some Private Engineering College. He is 45 years old, short heighted of about 5'6 inches but has a decent physique. He is a bit bald and has wheatish skin.

I am usually crossdressed whenever I am alone in my flat. From so many days, I didn't have good sex and thus I decided to come in front of the Teacher as a Crossdressed Woman. One day while he had just finished teaching me, I told him that one of my cousin sisters is also having difficulty in Physics. So would he like to teach her just for a single day. He agreed and I decided to crossdress as my Cousin sister the next time when Tuition Sir comes.

I came back from college and in just 2 hours, the Physics teacher would come. Thus, I decided to dress up. I had told that my cousin is not a student, in fact she is a housewife and had just started taking Physics tuition for school kids. She had some doubts and she wanted to clear them from him.

I thought to get dressed in a saree and look like a young Housewife. First of all I went to the bathroom and had a bath. Then I massaged my smooth body with body butter cream. Then I wore a 36 inch breast form with black nipples. These breasts look real on my body as the skin color match.
Then I wore a wig which had long black hair curled from the bottom.

Even wearing these stuffs without make up make me look like a woman. I had decided to wear a Purple Violet color sleeveless salwar kameez. I went to the wardrobe and took out a brown color cotton panty which had yellow color small flower prints on them. I hid my semi hard penis in between my thighs. Then I wore the cotton panty which was actually made of viscous cottonand it covered my ass and my penis area. It was so soft that can make any Crossdresser feel feminine.

Then I took out a cotton white bra which was big enough to accomodate my big breasts. The bra was a simple cotton bra which most of the middle class housewives wear. I wore the bra and placed my boobs in the bra cups. Then I hooked the bra from behind. The straps of the bra on my shoulders and back felt great on my womanly body and made me feel horny from the first instant. The bra gave my boobs a nice cleavage.

Then I took out a violet colored leggings which was made of viscous cotton and was tight. I wore the leggings and I took the shape of my legs and thighs. It was very soft and my ass shape was clearly visible and looked hot. The leggings had elastic at the belly area. Then I took out a sleeveless violet color kameez which made made of cotton and silk. I wore the kameez which was a bit tight on my body and gave my figure a good sexy shape. It was made of thin cloth and thus my bra was clearly visible from inside. Look the the pic on the right to clearly have an idea about the kameez and how my boobs looked like.

Then I sat in the dressing table area for applying make up. I applied water proof foundation on my face and covered it with a very light shade of violet powder. Then I applied red lipstick on my lips and a small black bindi on my forehead. I wore a pair of gold earrings on my ears and also wore 20 violet colored glass bangles on each hand. Then I applied kajal on my eyelids and eyebrows and while applying my bangles made soft noises because of strking with each other. I was feeling like a complete woman. Then after wearing a simple necklace around my neck, I applied violet nailpolish on my nails.

Then I took a pink colored dupatta and held it on my right shoulder. I wore payals on my legs. Now I was ready in a complete female avatar. I also applied strong ladies perfume on my armpits so that when my underarms sweat, it will form a nice fragrance.

After 30 minutes the doorbell rang and I opened the door. The Physics teacher was standing on the doorway wearing a white shirt and a grey pant. I welcomed him inside and said that no body is in flat and I am the cousin sister. He was clearly amazed to look at me. He looked at mt boobs area where bra was visible from inside.

We sat down and I gave him water to drink. I could speak in female voice as I had been practising it for the last 5 years. We chatted on every topic except studies and then the electricity cut happened. There was no fan and the AC stopped working. Due to the humid climate both of us started sweating. My armpits also started sweating making my kameez wet. The perfume had started its magic. I told the teacher to remove his shirt as it was so humid.

He removed his shirt and I asked him to remove his vest also. He was shirtless in front of me. Then I went to get some cold water from the fridge. I came and I intentionally slipped and felt in his nude arms. I pressed my boobs on his chest and while he was sitting on the sofa, I had placed my ass on his lap and I could feel his rock hard penis from his pants. I had become very horny. While I was standing to regain my position, he didn't let me go and placed his hands on my back. He pressed me tightly in his arms. I also hugged him and started rubbing his back and neck.

Then we kissed. He kissed me deeply by sucking my lips, tongue, teeth and the kiss was very wet. While kissing I pressed my boobs more tightly on his nude chest. The underarms of my kameez had started becoming more wet.

Then I sat on my knees on the floor and unbuttoned his pants. I lowered his pant and saw that he was wearing a black underwear and his penis had become as hard as a rod. I lowered his underwear and this 8 inch long thick black penis sprang open. I took his penis in my hand and he started moaning "ahhhhhh.. ohhhhh"

I stroked his penis a little and then pressed my lips on its head. Then I licked the dick head. I started taking his penis in my mouth. I sucked it by taking it in and out of my mouth. It was so hot that I wanted to suck this hard dick more and more. Then he stood up and came behind me. He hugged me from behind, I raised my arms and held his neck. He started smelling my armpits and pressing both my boobs with his hands. Then he helped me in removing my kameez. Then he opened the strap of the bra from behind and exposed my big boobs. Then he made me sit on the sofa and started sucking my black nipples while pressing my other boob.

Then he removed my tight leggings and finally he lowered my panty. When he removed my panty, I hard dick sprang out and then I realized that it was too late. I was feeling completely like a lady and I forgot that I was a male.

However he told me that he knew from the beginning that I was a crossdresser because he had seen ladies clothes lying here and there in the flat. He took my hard dick in his hand and started sucking it. I was in complete pleasure. I moaned a lot and badly wanted him to fuck me like a mad dog.

Then he asked me to lie down on bed. I lied down on bed and he stood on his knees in between my thighs. He kept both my legs on his shoulders and started rubbing my asshole with the tip of his hard rod. Then he bent a bit and grabbed my big boobs with both his hands. While doing this he gave a hard push and his penis started going inside my asshole. Hi thick and long penis was completely in my asshole and he started fucking me by making his rod go in and out of my asshole.

While he was fucking me, my boobs also started vibrating up and down. I was feeling so horny that I held my hard dick in my hand and stroked it while he was still fucking me. When he increased his speed of fucking, I also masturbated my penis faster. He fucked me like a dog and said that he can anytime throw out sperms. Then suddenly he took out his dick from my asshole and started masturbating it faster near my face. Then his penis spurted out a lot of hot sperms on my boobs, neck and face.

Seeing this, I masturbated hardly and threw out my sperms on the bed. Then after 10 minutes, He lied down on bed and I sat on his lap with his once again hard rod like dick in my asshole. He started fucking my ass and after 15 minutes, he once again spurted out his hot sperms in my asshole. We had a great sex for 3 hours.

Then he left and it was a wonderful and most horny sex I ever had.

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