Friday, June 1, 2012

Crossdressed in my Punjabi Tuition teacher's clothes

This is a real story with some fantasies attached to it. It happened when I was in std 12th and I used to go to Science tuition in the evenings. My Tuition teacher was a Punjabi lady who used to stay with her husband. She was a perfect punjabi woman who always dressed up in tight salwar kameez. Shw was a bit plump. Her figure was 40-32-38.
So many times, I had masturbated thinking about her.
One day, it was raining heavily. So I called up my teacher and she told if I can come down in this rain, then I can. So I went to her home. But I couldn't see anyone else there as it was raining heavily, no one came.

I was also wet from head to toe. I went inside and saw my teacher having a cup of tea. Shw was surprised to see me. She told "You shouldn't have come, see you are wet."
I told "Its okk maam, no problem"
I noticed that she was wearing a black and silver color punjabi salwar kameez. And when she was about to get up from her chair, I saw her cleavage. It was so hot. She told me "Wait here, you are completely wet. I'll keep some clothes in the bathroom, go and change."

After 5 mins, I entered the bathroom. I was surprised with what clothes my teacher had kept for me. I saw a black panty, a Blue colored punjabi Kameez which had a zip at the back and a blue colored patiyala pant. She called from outside "sorry, you have to wear these clothes for some time."

Ohh my God!! I thought how our wildest dreams come true in the strangest ways. I was so happy, I removed my clothes. I took the panty in my hand.. so soft.. silky.. I smelt it, It had a female aroma. I was overwhelmed. I wore the panty and my penis felt great. It feels so good when you cross dress in a woman's clothes. Then I started wearing the Blue patiyala pant. it had elastic so no need to tie it. I wore it. I was feeling good. I thought how good it would have been if Maam had kept a bra also. But no problem, I came outside the bathroom, I didn't wear the kameez.

My teacher saw me and told "Dear, wear that kameez, you will catch cold!!"
I told coming near to her "maam, its a very good feeling when I wear your clothes. I really feel very happy. Can I ask you for a favour? don't get mad at me. I am wearing your panty and it is giving me a very feminine feeling. I want to wear a bra also. Any bra of Yours"

My teacher smiled mischieviously. She went inside and came out with a black padded bra. She gave it to me. I started wearing the bra and it was too big in size. It perfectly fit me. Then I asked maam to make some fake breasts. "Maam, I am feeling like I am you. I want to get big breasts like you. Can I make fake breasts?"
Maam told "Ok, you can"

I took two dupattas and folded them nicely in round balls and fake big fake boobs. Then I started wearing the cotton silk Punjabi Kameez. I wore it and maam zipped it from the back. Waao, it was feeling so good. I was feeling like a Punjabi woman. My penis had become rock hard inside the panty.
Then we sat on the sofa.

I told maam "please don't tell anyone, I never get chance to wear such sexy punjabi dresses."

Maam said "Do you like wearing these clothes?"
I said "Yes, but I never thought that I would wear your dress someday. And I am feeling very good, but I cannot control my emotions. I am feling very horny. I can't control. Maam, Can I masturbate now? I have to masturbate, its making me mad. Can I see you sitting at the sofa while I masturbate. I wont touch you, promise"

Maam told "okk"

As soon as she said OKK, I lowered the patiyala pant. Then I lowered the panty. It felt so good when My penis came into action, ohh god it was so hard. I looked at my teacher, held my penis in my hand and started presing it. OHH.. I thought how wonderful it would have been If I was this lady teacher and her husband would come and fuck me hard. I kept thinking this, and kept on masturbating slowly. Suddenly Maam bent lower and made me see her cleavage. I couldn't control my self and I went to her and grabbed her boobs and started pressing them. She didn't resist.

Then She also removed her patiyala and she was not wearing any panty. I started kissing her deeply. Ohh god her pussy was so wet, I grabbed her thighs and started pushing my rock hard dick into her. Her pussy hole was so big, so hot and so wet. I kept licking her cleavage and started fucking her madly. I told her "I will take out all my hot sperms in your pussy. It is so hot."

I kept on fucking her for 10 mins and then I was about to cum. I started fucking her madly when I was about to spurt out sperms and she was liking it.
I took out all my sperms inside her.

From that day I used to visit her so many times while she gave me so many clothes to wear and we fucked for long hours.

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