Friday, June 15, 2012

My neighbor 'Raped me' on a rainy night while I was crossdressed

As I have mentioned in my previous stories that I remain crossdressed whenever I am alone in the flat. That night also I was going to bed to have a good sleep when the doorbell rang. I was wearing a pink nightie. It had quarter length arms and was made of pure silk. I was also wearing my breast forms which were 36 inches in size with black nipples.
Under the nightie I was only wearing a black velvet panty just to keep my penis intact in between my thighs. The wig I had on my head had long straight black hairs. I had a little makeup on my face. I got up when the bell rang. Tied my hair in a bun style and went to open the door.

When I opened the door, a man was standing completely drenched because of the rain.

I switched on the lights and realized that it is my neighbor. He said "Hello maam, I stay in the opposite flat. My wife has gone to her mother's place and I have lost my keys. If you don't mind can I stay here for a few hours, my wife will be here tomorrow morning."

I said "Come in please. You are most welcome."

He came inside, removed his raincoat and kept in on the shoestand.

He sat on the sofa. I said "Let me make a cup of coffee for you."

He said "Thanks."

I realized that I was not wearing any bra inside the nightie and the shape of my nipples are visible on the nightie. Maybe this man noticed them. Well I have no hair on my body and I carry myself so well that no one can make out that in reality I am a crossdresser. Everyone believes that I am a woman.

I made coffee for him and came into the drawing room only to see that this man has dozed off on the sofa. I woke him up and gave him hot coffee. While I bent to keep coffee on the table, I noticed him looking inside my nighty because my big boobs were clearly visible as the nightie was a bit loose.

I acted as if I hadn't seen him looking in my nightie. I asked him "So, what do you do?"

He said "I am an investment banker in Dalal Street."

After chatting for 30 minutes, I told him that he can sleep here on the sofa and I'll sleep in the bedroom. He agreed.

I went to my bed and after 15 minutes I realized that I had forgot to carry water from the fridge. So I went to the kitchen without switching on the lights because I didn't want to wake him up.

When I opened the fridge, my eyes stared at this man lying on sofa. I focused and saw that he was actually masturbating without realizing that I was standing nearby. I went near the sofa and saw that he had my panty is his hand which he was smelling and masturbating. By chance he saw me and threw the panty and sat up.

I switched on the light and he stood there and said "I am so sorry, nut you shouldn't have come this way. It is natural that we men masturbate. You are so hot and your breasts are so big that I couldn't control my urge to shag off."

I was surprised and I said "What!!!!"

He came near me snd held me tightly in my arms and started kissing me forcefully. I hesitated but he didnt leave me. He kept on kissing me and pressing my boobs with his hands. Then he forcefully made me lie down on the sofa, he removed his shirt and hugged me in his nude arms. He kissed and licked my neck. Then he lifted my nightie and I somehow started enjoying the scene but acted as if I am not in this game.

He lifted my nightie to my neck and started licking ans squeezing my breasts. He then took out his black long dick from the zip of his pant and started rubbing it in between my breasts. He sucked my nipples also. Just then when he was on the verge of removing my panty, he was shocked to see a hard penis waiting for him. He stood up and looked at me in complete shock.

But this time i didn't let him go. I grabbed his cock and pressed my tongue on it. I started licking his shaft from top to bottom. He was enjoying a lot. I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it.

But this gut had made his mind to rape me. He didn't respond to my blowjob but he slapped me I fell on the ground. He lifted my petticoat and started rubbing his dick on my asshole. This time I really resisted but he was behind me and took me in his arms. He held both my boobs in his hands and started inserting his black rod inside my asshole. He pushed his dick so hard that I screamed with pain. But when he started fucking me by forcing his dick in and out of my tight asshole and at the same time squeezing my breasts, I started enjoying the "so called rape".

He was fucking me madly and speaking all dirty things like fuck you bitch etc etc.
I became so horny that I took his hand from my breast and kept it on my hard penis. Now he started stroking my dick as well as fucking me.

This feeling was so awesome I could feel the thirst in me getting satisfied.

After 10 minutes of heavy fucking he spurted out his sperms in my asshole. I felt the warm sensation of his hot sperms in my ass and it made me wild. I took my dick from his hand in my hand and started masturbating it hardly. I masturbated so fastly that I thew out my sperms within 5 minutes.

After this rape scene we went to the bedroom and fucked again. This time in all positions.
This man promised to invite me in his flat and he will give all his wife's clothes to me for trying. It was an unexpected but wonderful night.

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