Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My girlfriend's mom came to my flat for a crossdressing session

I was finally back to my college as the vacations were about to get over. I stay alone in a flat to explore my crossdressing hobby. I have developed myself from a simple crossdresser to a mature CD. I look like a real woman when I crossdress. I have all kinds of stuff ranging from fake nails to breast forms (fake breasts made of silicon which looks real). I have all types of clothes right from silk sarees to salwar kameez, from western clothes to Indian nighties.

I had recently gone to my native place in Kanpur where I visited my girlfriend's house. While there was no one in the house, I started crossdressing in her mom's clothes but she caught me. She was very open minded and thus we had a wonderful experience. To read that part click here. After leaving the place I told her to come to flat for a CD session and she agreed. So today was the day when she was coming to my flat.

The doorbell rang, I opened the door and saw my to be mother in law standing at the door. She was wearing a blue saree and was looking hot. Her blouse always exposed her cleavage as her breasts are very big in size. Her figure is 38-32-36.
I invited her inside the flat. I had lost some weight due to regular exercise in the morning. I was in my gym clothes. I was wearing a tight track pant like leggings which was black in color. And I had worn a yellow t-shirt. I had my wig and little makeup on because I stay in my flat as a girl.
Aunty was surprised to see and she said "You look like a beautiful woman. How did you do this? how did you grow these breasts?"

I told "I always go to the saloon for facial and bleach and get all hairs of my body waxed up. Also I undergo cream therapy to have a shiny body. And these are not real breasts, these are fake ones made of silicon. I order them from internet. I have all sizes of these breasts." I lifted my t-shirt to show my breasts to aunty. I was not wearing any bra. Aunty was surprised to see my big 36 inch size breasts which looked so real and had black nipples. She touched them and said that they are not fake. Anyone can be fooled.
She also said that these breasts are very hot.

I told "Aunty, still your breasts are hotter and much bigger in size". She blushed.

I told aunty to make herself comfortable while I'll come in 5 minutes after having a bath. I went to the bathroom and started having shower. I really like to bath in the form of a woman. It gives me a very sexy feeling. My wig's hair also gets wet but I like to dry them up like women do.
I came out of the bathroom wearing a gown and saw aunty exploring my wardrobe.

I asked her "Aunty? I would like you to help me in getting dressed. What would you like me to wear?"

Aunty asked me to wear a saree. I showed aunty all kinds of saree that I have. She selected a simple green saree which didn't have any work on it. It was a plain green transparent kind of silk saree. Then I showed aunty the blouse and petticoat of the saree.

She went to the wardrobe and took out a blue color panty and a light brown color padded bra. She told that these will give your breasts a nice cleavage. She removed the pallu of her blue saree and undraped her whole saree. She was now just in blouse and petticoat. Her blue blouse exposed a lot of deep cleavage. She told me "Look, I wear a padded bra because I have very big breasts. The padded bra helps to get a nice cleavage."

I removed my gown and first of all wore the cotton silk panty.I hid my penis in between my thighs before wearing the panty as it gave me a womanly feeling. Then Aunty came closer and started making me wear the bra. She took my breasts in her hands and placed them in the bra cups. I wore the bra straps on my shoulders while she hooked the bra from behind.

Now I placed my arms in the respective arm section of the green blouse. The blouse arms were quarter sized and the blouse had lots of knots in the back section. Aunty adjusted my blouse from the front to expose a deep cleavage just like hers. Then she started tied all knots in the back section. Now I unfolded the petticoat and and started wearing it. The green petticoat had a velvet touch which are so smooth on my soft thighs. Aunty tied the knot of the petticoat just under my belly. Then she started draping the plain transparent green saree over my petticoat. She is very perfect in draping the saree and she made a two fold pallu so that my blouse and cleavage will be visible. I looked in the mirror and I was looking so hot in this saree, skimpy blouse and wet hair.

Then aunty told me not to wear any necklace but she made me wear a pair of earrings which were silver coated. Then I applied liquid foundation on my face and covered it up with powder foundation. I also applied thick reddish brown lipstick on my lips. Then I applied kajal on my eyebrows. 

Finally I was ready in a skimpy sexy modern bahu avatar. Aunty told me to act like she is my mother in law and I am her daughter in law. We acted like this the whole day. Just then power went off. It was summer time thus we started sweating. My blouse became wet from the underarms area and made me feel sexy. Aunty was just in blouse and petticoat. I asked aunty "Can I touch your blouse? can I rubb it?"

She said ok. I came near her and started rubbing her cleavage and started rubbing her blouse in the arms area. Then I started pressing her big breasts with both my hands as I was not able to control myself. Then She started kissing me which made my pallu drop off the saree and we pressed our breasts into each other's. I became wild and started kissing her madly while biting her lips as well. While kissing she started open my knots of the blouse from behind. I helped her in removing my blouse. Then she opened the hook of my bra. I lied down on bed with my bra removed. She started squeezing my breasts with both of her hands and also sucked my black nipples. Then she removed the blue panty from under my petticoat.

I asked her to remove the petticoat also. She did what I said. Then she took my 8 inch long rock hard cock in her hand and started playing with it. I was feeling very hot as my girlfriend's mom was about to suck my dick. She started taking my rod in and out of her mouth with a great speed. As she is a housewife, she is very perfect in giving a blowjob. I asked her to stop sucking my dick as I was about to cum. Then I started kissing her again, removed her blouse, petticoat, bra and panty.

Then we had sex in a very sexy position. I sat on the bed, while she came in my arms. She started taking my hard rod into her wet deep pussy. In other words, she started sitting on me. We kissed each other while our breasts pressed and my dick was inside her pussy. Then I took one of her nipple in my mouth and sucked it very hard. I also bit her nipple and she started jumping on my penis. Waao, I never had this type of intercourse with my girlfriend also. I bit, sucked and squeezed her breasts while she was jumping on my penis making my hard rod go in and out of her wet hot and deep pussy. 

I told her not to stop because I wanted to throw out all my hot sperms inside her pussy that would make her pussy more hot.Listening to these words,m she became more horny and started fucking my penis madly. I was about to spurt my hot sperms inside her pussy, I became so hot that while my penis was inside her pussy, I forcefully made her lie on bed while I was in between her thighs and started fucking her madly.

I started shooting lots and lots of my hot sperms inside her deep pussy which made hot sensations in her pussy and she also cummed. 

What a sex it was. I considered it as a lesbian sex with my mother in law.

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