Friday, June 1, 2012

Cross dressed with Girlfriend - a role play story

I study in an engineering college, here I have many friends but I don't get a chance to enjoy cross dressing. I have a girlfriend too. She is very nice, hot and sexy. Her figure is 34-28-32. She looks exactly like the girl in the right side pic.
We are in a relationship from the last two years. I always wanted to express my desires to her that I like being a girl.
Though we have had sex so many times but I never got a chance to tell her about my other life.
Once browsing the internet, I read a roleplay story about doctor and nurse. I got an idea, I thought let me trick my girlfriend into cross dressing roleplay sex.

That night, i told her about roleplays and she was excited. We had a very exciting time. I became a doctor, and she became a nurse. We had sex.

Then the other night, I became a student while she became a teacher. In the same way, we explored some other areas like pilot-airhostess, boss-secretary etc.

Now, after a week it was my chance to tell her about other kinds of roleplays in which I'll be a female and she will be a male. I told her about this type of roleplay, she liked the idea and was ready to try it. This was a moment I was waiting for the last two years. I told her that I'll come at her apartment at evening while she should make some pre-arrangements. I told her to get a wig from our college theatre group.

Now, I was all set to fulfill my desires.
I went to her room at around 7pm in the evening. She was waiting for me. I went, we hugged and kissed. Now we sat for discussing the roleplay. She gave me the idea that I become a newly wed wife while she becomes my husband and the scene will be our first night after marriage.
I told her to get ready in one room while I will use the other room.

Waao, what a happy moment for me. In the past, I have dressed up in my maami's saree, even enjoyed dressing up with my maid, dressed up with my office female friend, even i didn't spare my cousin sister, my best friend, my bhabi, my elder chachi and even my sexy neighborhood aunty. But this was special. Every closet cross dresser's dream is that his girlfriend and his wife should know about him so that he can get a space for being in his female avatar in front of her. And this was my day, though I tricked my gf but from now on we will enjoy this roleplay as many times as we want.

I went inside the room, I opened the wardrobe. I could see all types of clothes which my girlfriend wears. So many kurtis, tops, salwar kameez. I saw only 3 sarees there. One red, one mehroon and one green. All sarees had heavy work done on them. I chose the red saree.

Then I searched for a bra. I removed all my clothes. I found a set of bra panty, both black in color. I wore the panty. It was made of silk, I remember that my GF has worn this panty so many times but today was my turn. I wore the panty and it was feeling great. Then I wore the bra and tied the hook from the back.

Then I took two dupattas and folded them nicely in round shapes and kept them in the bra cups to make fake breasts. Waao, it was a nice feeling. This morning I had shaved perfectly to give myself a great start.

Then I reached for the silk red peticoat. I wore the peticoat and tied it just under my belly. The cloth of the petticoat was rubbing on my thighs, my legs and it gave me a very womanly feeling. I took the blouse, it was a different blouse which I had never worn in the past. This blouse had a very deep back and its hook were not at the front, instead the hooks were at the back. I was very happy to try this modern fashionable blouse.

I wore the blouse, though I had some difficulty in fixing the hooks at the back but I was successful in the end. The blouse was a perfect fit. Its silky material felt great on my chest, arms, underarms and my back. i looked in the mirror. Waao, what a great feeling it was. Then I took the wig which was kept at the bed.

I wore the wig. It had long hair and I tied the hair in a bun. Then I sat near the dressing table. I applied dark red lipstick, kajal, sindoor, foundation liquid as well as powder. Then I applied red nailpolish on all my nails. I looked at the mirror and was looking like this girl in the photo.
Then I wore the round necklace.

It was time to go to bed. I sat on bed and then came my gf in a male avatar. She was wearing a sherwani. She came near me, we switched off the tubelight and switched on the lamp.

We kissed madly, My huby removed her sherwani and hugged me, kissed my neck, licked my back. I was feeling like a newly wed bride about to lose her virginity. I started sweating. We had intercourse for atleast 8 times that night. I cummed and cummed. It was such a great feeling and we were behaving like a newly wed couple.

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