Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My friend fucked me while I was crossdressed in his mom's Blouse- Petticoat

This incident is very old and dates back to 1999 when I was in 10th standard. At that time, we friends were very curious about sex, girls and masturbation. One of my friends, Gaurav, he was always talking about sex. He was tall and fat. He used to stay on the 4th floor while I stayed on the 1st floor of the same building. I was secretly attracted to Gaurav's elder sister who was fat but beautiful and had big boobs. Her figure was 36-32-36. She used to wear tops and skirts.
I had a habbit of crossdressing. I used to crossdress in my mom's clothes and then think about Gaurav's sister and masturbate.

Gaurav's mom was also hot. She was 36 years old at that time. Her figure was also 36-32-36. She always used to wear sarees with quarter length blouses.
I would often see her going out with other ladies of the society. I would imagine me wearing her clothes and then I masturbated.

One evening, Gaurav came to my house. My parents were in other room and he told me "Come to my house. I will teach you how to masturbate. Yesterday, the neighborhood bhaiya taught me. I tried it, and it is the most wonderful feeling of the world."

Gaurav didn't know that I knew how to masturbate and I have done it so many times. I asked him "No one in your house?"

He said "No one."

We went to his flat and he locked his flat. Then asked me to show him my dick. My dick was hard at that time. I unzipped my jeans and took out my 6 inch long dick in my hand. He started at my dick as if some alien had landed on earth. Then he lowered his pant and took out his dick in his hand. His was was aalso 6inch long but thick. Then he said "hold your dick like this and slowly stroke its skin up and down. Ohhhh.. what a pleasure. Let us touch each other's dick"

I told him "I have a better idea. But do not tell this to anyone."

He asked "what?"

I told him I'll wear his mom's blouse and petticoat and then I'll shake his dick. He told "Waao!!! great idea."

I was acting like a innocent child but I knew what I was doing. He took me to his parent's bedroom. And showed me his mom's wardrobe. I searched the wardrobe. There were so many clothes and they were so soft that my penis became even more hard. Then I took out a white bra. I removed my shirt and wore the bra and hooked it from behind.

Gaurav said "Waao!!!"

Then I took two pillow covers, folded them nicely and made fake breasts. He said "Waao!! I never thought of this idea."
Then he started pressing my fake boobs.

I took out a brown panty and wore it. It was so silky that some pre-cum came out of my penis. Then I took out a blue color velvet petticoat and a blue velvet blouse which his mom was wearing yesterday. I wore the petticoat and tied it under my belly. The cloth of the petticoat was very thin and was silky velvet. Thus when it touched my thighs, I started feeling like a girl.

I saw Gaurav standing near the other wardrobe and searching for something.

I didn't bother to ask him as I was making my dream of wearing his mom's clothes come true.

Then I slipped my arms in the arm section of the blue velvet blouse, placed the cups nicely in the blouse's cups and hooked it from the front. The blouse had a decent cut at the back but the neck cut was deep. Then I saw Gaurav rubbing his hard dick with his sister's black top.

He saw me and came near me. He asked me to touch his dick. I touched his dick while he was pressing my boobs. Then I started pressing his dick and saw his precum on the dick's head. He started moaning in pleasure.

Then I sat on the floor on my knees and pressed my tongue on his dick's head. He became so uncontrollable that he started pushing his dick inside my mouth. I took his dick fully in my mouth and started sucking it from top to bottom. He was fucking my mouth and moaning "ahhhhh.... ohhhhhh..."

Then I stood up as I also wanted to masturbate. I removed my panty from under my petticoat. But Gaurav had become so uncontrollable that he grabbed my waist from behind, lifted my petticoat and started rubbing his dick in my ass partition. 
It was a great turn on for me. I was feeling as if I am his mom and he is fucking me.

Then I sat on the bed in a bitch position to make Gaurav fuck me in doggy style. He started rubbing his dick head in my asshole. Then suddenly he gave a hard push and half of his hard dick went inside my asshole. It was painful but still I enjoyed it because I was pressing my hard rod like penis with my hand. He then pushed his dick completely into my asshole and started fucking me.

When he was pushing his dick in and out of my ass, I started masturbating. Thus it was a feeling as if I am Gaurav's sexy mom and he is fucking his own mom.

He started fucking me like a mad dog and said that he is about to take out his sperms in my asshole. I became more horny and started masturbating more heavily. Just then I felt Gaurav's warm sperms coming out from his dick into my asshole. He was throwing out too much sperms.
I also masturbated heavily and spurted out all my sperms on the bed.

It was a great evening. We repeated the process as Gaurav wore his sister's clothes and I fucked his ass. It gave me the satisfaction of crossdressing as his mom and fucking his sister.

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