Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Crossdressing session with Cousin Sister

During college breaks, I had come to my Uncle's (Dad's elder brother) house. He has three daughters, two are married and settled in USA. The youngest daughter, ie, my cousin sister is the same age as mine. She is also in her 3rd year of engineering. We are very close to each other. She always told me about the boys she used to date and I also told her about my girlfriend. Her dad is a MLA, thus he and his wife had gone to some village area for election campaign.
We were alone in the house. She started asking me personal questions about my girlfriend, about our relationship etc.

Then she told me that she has become serious for one guy. She really loves him and that wants to have sex with her. I said "Then what is the problem?"

She said "I'll share one secret with you but please don't tell anyone."

I said "Okk. Tell me."

She said "I am a lesbian. I am attracted to girls."

I said "Ok, so what. I know many people who are lesbian and gay. Its absolutely fine dear. Even I'll tell you one secret."

She jumped up and said smilingly "Are you gay?"

I said "Not exactly, but I have a different kind of fantasy. I like to wear ladies and girl's clothes."

She said "So you like Crossdressing! Why didn't you tell me before?"

I said "I stay crossdressed whenever I am alone in the flat. I have breast forms and lots of wigs and clothes. I don't have a single hair on my body. When I am crossdressed, you will not be able to tell whether am a man or a girl. I look like a perfect woman."

She said "Is it?"

I said "Yes!! Even now under my jeans, I am wearing a panty."

She said "Waao!! Hey no one is in the house. Would you like to try some clothes of me?"

I said "Why not!! That is a very good idea"

She opened her wardrobe and called me. I went to the wardrobe area and she asked me "What kind of bra do you like? I have normal bra, push up, padded, shoulderless."

I told I wanted to wear the push up bra. She asked me to remove my clothes. I removed my clothes and was just in a black panty. The panty was a silky one with a velvet touch from the inside. My penis was in between my thighs. Crossdressing with my cousin sister gave me a sisterly feeling.

She took a beige colored push up bra and asked me to slip my arms around it. I did as she said. Then she adjusted the bra straps on my shoulders and hooked it from behind. It was not tight, but a perfect fit. I asked my sis "Hey, you are slim, then how come you have this size of bra?"

She said "Its mom's bra."

I felt very good by wearing a bra after so many days since I last crossdressed. Then I asked her to give me two clothes so that I can make fake boobs and keep them in the bra cups. She liked my idea and folded two blouses and kept each one in its respective bra cup. I looked in the mirror. I was looking hot. However, I missed my breast forms which looked more original.

Then she asked me what I wanted to wear. I told her that I wanted to wear her clothes not her mom's. She took out some clothes from rhe wardrobe and gave me a patiyala pant. A patiyala pant is like a salwar which is Punjabi in nature. All Punjabi women wear this kind of salwar. It was black in color but had many patterns and flower prints made on them. I inserted my legs in the Patiyala salwar and pushed it up to my belly. The material was very soft and thin. It made me feel like a young lady.

I said "Hey this is very smooth and soft. I am feeling as if I am you."

She smiled and gave me a white color kameez to wear. I started wearing the kameez which had quarter length arms. I adjusted my bra cups to look like real breasts from over the kameez. There was not much cleavage but still it looked sexy. My sister pulled up the zip of the kameez from behind. The kameez was bit tight thus it gave my figure a sexy touch.

I told her "You must be looking sexy in this kameez."

She said "I look very hot."

At this time she was wearing a brown top and a long black skirt. She was looking hot in her dress.

We sat down on the bed and I asked her "What do you like in a woman?"

She said "Hot figure, cleavage and tight Indian clothes."

I said "Do come to my flat once. We will have a hot crossdressing session and I'll make myself a perfect hot lady with all make up, jewellery, breast forms etc. I have so many clothes that you can try."

She said "Sure, I'll definitely come to your flat then. You are still looking hot."
After saying this, she came very close to me. Pressed her boobs on mine and kissed me on the lips. I kept my hand on her waist and started kissing her again. I was sucking her lips, her tongue and we were kissing very passionately. I started pressing her breasts with my other hand from over her top. She started pressing mine.

Then I asked her to lie down on bed and she did. I lifted her black skirt and started licking her smooth and white thighs. Then I pressed my lips on her panty which had become wet. I removed her panty from under her skirt and started kissing and pressing her wet pussy with my lips. Then I started licking her clit with my tongue. She started moaning heavily as I placed both my hands on her boobs and licked her pussy.

When I started squeezing her breasts her pussy became more wet.

Then she asked me to lie down on bed. I did what she said. Then she lowered my patiyala and my panty also. My 8 inch long dick sprang out. It was as hard as a rod. She held my penis in her hand and started pressing it and stroking it slowly. Then she started licking my penis from top to bottom. Finally she took my hard penis in her mouth and sucked it in up and down motion.

My dick was so hard and I was crossdressed also in her salwar kameez. Thus I became more horny and asked her to sit on the sofa. She sat on the sofa, I lifted her brown top to her neck. She was wearing a black bra. Her cleavage was very deep and sexy. I opened the hook from behind and started kissing her again and pressed and squeezed her boobs. She had black nipples. I saw that while I was squeezing her boobs, she was rubbing her wet pussy using her two fingers.

I started sucking her nipple while pressing the other breast. She started sweating in the armpits and her smell was really intoxicating. She had become so horny that she started fucking her pussy with her fingers. She said "Please insert your hard penis in my pussy."

I came in between her thighs and kept her legs on my shoulders. I removed the patiyala pant and panty. Then I started pressing her pussy with my dick head. She held me so tightly around my waist that I had to push my hard rod inside her pussy. It was very hot and wet and my penis easily went inside her hole.

I started fucking her slowly while pressing her breasts simultaneously. She said "Ohhh godddd.. I like this crossdresser sex so much..."

I was also liking it. It was like two ladies, one with a dick fucking another. She told me "Please fuck me harder."

I was aroused from these words. I started pushing my hard rod in and out of her hot pussy. My penis and my balls had become wet due to her hot pussy liquid.

This warm and wet feeling on my penis started making me more horny. I started fucking her like a mad bitch. I fucked her with a great speed and I could spurt out my sperms any time and I told her that.

She told "Fill my hot pussy with all your sperms."

I became mad after hearing that. I fucked her so hardly that in an instant my sperms started oozing out of my penis. I took out a lot of sperms and filled her pussy. Due to the warm sensations of the sperms in her pussy she started having an orgasm.

It was such a nice CD session that I'll remember for a long time. Then we changed into our clothes and she promised me to visit my flat for a more hot CD session.

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