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Caught my Husband crossdressing in my clothes

(Story by our first lady author)

Hi readers, this is my first Crossdressing story for this website. I hope you will like this story as you have liked all other stories of this blog.
Well. let me tell you that I am newly married. When my husband came to see me with his parents before our wedding, he was attracted to me. I am a bit plump, my height is 5'3 inches, I have a wheatish skin and my figure is 34-28-34. Before marriage I used to wear only salwar kameez but now since my marriage last month I only wear sarees. We had a normal suhaagraat like every other couple.

However our honeymoon changed everything. We went to Singapore for our honeymoon some 15 days back. That day, I was wearing a green silk saree and my blouse had short arms, deep back cut and a decent neck cut but that would still expose my cleavage. I noticed that my husband always used to praise my dressing style and during sex, he would always take my blouse in his hands and rub it on his penis and thighs. We were staying alone in a villa in Singapore which belonged to my husband's brother.

I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast while my husband was in the bathroom taking a shower. I had prepared the breakfast and was waiting for him in the dining hall. He was taking longer than usual. So, went to our bedroom and opened the attached bathroom's door.

"Oh my God!!! what are you doing dear?" I asked after I saw my husband wearing my black blouse and petticoat which I had kept for washing. He was surprised to see me and he realized that he didn't lock the door properly. He said "hey, I was planning to have a foreplay with you. I wanted to surprise you but you spoiled everything"

I said "Don't lie. I have seen you rubbing your body with my clothes since the day of our marriage. Please change into your clothes and we will talk about it"

I went to the dining area and he came after ten minutes. He said close to me, placed his arm around my shoulders and said "Dear, yes, I like to wear ladies clothes. I wanted to tell you about this but I was afraid that you may go mad on me. Don't misunderstand me. Everyone have their own sexual fantasies and I have this. This doesn't mean that I am gay but I just like the feeling when I am dressed"

I said "Its ok, let me think over this for some time. Give me at least one day to think. I am your wife, so I have to support you. But I never knew that men also like this kind of activity."

I took one day and browsed on the net for crossdressing experiences. I happened to come across this website and read all the stories which are so perfectly written. I understood that crossdressing is also one of the sexual fantasies and I should support my husband. So, during mid-night, I went near him and said "Dear, I love you. Sorry for being a bit rude this morning. But I'll accet your crossdressing hobby"

He smiled and hugged me. Then I asked "What do you like to wear?"

He said "I haven't tried much clothes but I like wearing Indian dresses"

I smiled and said "Would you like me to dress you up tonight?"

He said "Waao, that will be a great idea. I was waiting for this day since our marriage"

I went to the wardrobe and asked him which blouse he likes the most. He said "I like your pink blouse which has those golden linings on the arms"

I took out that pink blouse along with a matching petticoat. I asked him to remove all his clothes. My husband is a well built guy and his height is 5'8 inches. As I am a bit healthy, my clothes will perfectly fit him. He removed all his clothes and was standing next to me with his hard and erect 8 inch long penis in his hand.

I said "This hard tool is so mouth watering. Tomorrow I'll shave up all your body hair."

I gave him my black color push up bra to wear. It is an elastic cotton bra with a velvet touch which cares for my breasts all day long. He wore the bra and then I gave him my black velvet panty to wear. While he was wearing the panty, I held his dick in my hand and hid it in between his thighs. He said "Waao, you are great dear. You make me feel very horny"

I smiled and folded two of my blouses and placed them in his bra cups to make fake breasts. He said "Hey, I didn't know that you can make fake breasts also."

I said "You don't know me yet." and we both smiled.

Then I asked him to wear the petticoat. While he was wearing the petticoat I could clearly understand how feminine he must be feeling when the silk material of the petticoat touches his skin. I tied the petticoat under his belly.

Then I made him put his arms in the arm sections of the pink blouse. I adjusted the blouse to let the fake breasts in their proper area. Then I adjusted the back area of the blouse to expose the back. I buttoned all the hooks of the blouse which are in the front. He said "Waao!!! I am feeling great. Infact I am feeling all charged up and ready to fuck"

I said "Let us try the saree now"

He said "leave the saree. We'll try saree tomorrow after getting all my body hairs removed."

I said "okk, now tell me what do you do after crossdressing?"

He said "I masturbate. Dear my penis is very hard and uncontrollable. Please remove your pallu and show me your cleavage "

I dropped the pallu and also removed my saree. Now both of us were in blouse petticoat. I was in my green blouse petticoat while he was in my pink blouse petticoat. I made him sit on the bed. I rubbed my hand on his thighs over to his panty. I felt his rock hard hard on from over the panty. I removed the silk panty from under the petticoat.

Then I held his rock hard cock in my hand and pressed it. He closed his eyes and moaned "Ohhhhh dear, take it in your mouth"

I started to unbutton my blouse hooks but he stopped me and said "I want you to remain like this"

I started stroking his penis. I could see that he has had the greatest hard on of his life. Then I pressed my tongue on the top of his penis head. I licked his penis from top to bottom with my tongue and started squeezing my breasts. I took his rod into my mouth and sucked it with great passion, simultaneaously rubbing his balls.

Then he said "My dear, I am ot able to control now. Help me masturbate."

I said "You will not masturbate this way but you will masturbate in my wet pussy and give my pussy all your hot sperms. My pussy is throbbing to get fucked"

He said "Ohh dear, you are making me go mad with your hot words"

I removed my brown velvet panty from under my petticoat which had become very wet. Then I asked my husband to sit on the sofa. He sat on the sofa and I started sitting on his thighs. I took his rod like penis in my hand and made it touch in between my pussy walls. I started taking his penis in my pussy hole. We were in a great pleasure as we moaned heavily.

He hugged me while I placed both my hands on his shoulders. Now his penis was completely inside my pussy. I started moving it in out out of my pussy with great speed. Due to the heat of the moment we started sweating a lot. 
While fucking, my husband started smelling my armpits which had gone wet.

Suddenly he pushed me on to the floor and came over me placed both my legs on his shoulders while his penis was still inside my pussy. I was lying on the floor with both my legs on his shoulders and he was in between my thighs. He started fucking me madly like a dog. My breasts were jumping due to the thrusts while they were still inside the blouse. I was in heaven because the first time my husband was fucking me so hard.

He said that he is about to take out his sperms. I told him to fill my pussy with his hot sperms. On hearing my words he became more horny and fucked me so hard and suddenly I started feeling warm and sticky sensations in my pussy. I understood that he has ejaculated. Due to the warm sensations I also had an orgasm of a lifetime.

He had put so much sperms in my pussy that I orgasmed 2 times. That night was the best night. I will definitely share our other experiences.

I hope you like this story. After having sex, my husband asked me from where I learned these CD techniques. I told him about this site and now he is a regular reader of this site and we experiment with our sex daily.

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