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Dressed like my neighborhood Aunty and enjoyed with her son

Hi friends, I am back with a new story to entertain you.

I live in Kanpur, my dad works in a Government organization. So we live in government quarters. I have a friend who is my neighbor and she studies in the same school as me.
She is very pretty and resembles to Preity Zinta. Her mom is a perfect North Indian Housewife which any man can dream of having sex with. Just imagine if daughter looks like Preity Zinta then what beauty her mom must be.
This aunty has a very curvy figure and she always wears saree.
Her figure is 36-30-36. I always admired her beauty and the way she carries herself.

I have seen her in various sarees, red, green, orange, violet etc. She always wears blouse which have half arms with deep back. I always looked for a chance to wear her blouse just for once. I always looked for stealing her blouse when she keeps them for drying in the balcony, but due to fear I couldn't do.

Once, there was a marriage in our neighborhood and all people went to NOIDA to attend the marriage. My neighbors also went except their son because this guy is just 17 years old and has school to attend. So this hot aunty asked my mother to take care of his son.

This guy was staying alone at his house. So he told me one day to come and sleep with him as he is afraid of sleeping in the dark.

I was overwhelmed. How God listens to our wishes. I got permission from my parents to stay with him.

I went to his house, my mom had sent food for us. We ate and I asked him to sleep. When he slept, I silently locked his room from outside and went to his parents room. My heart started beating and I was quite nervous. This is my chance to get dressed in the clothes of my dreamy aunty.

I opened the almirah and there it was, it was aunty's wardrobe. I saw only sarees, atleast 25 sarees and except 2, all were silk sarees.

Then at the lower compartment, there were so many blouses, all folded nicely. There was a yellow blouse, red, green, orange, purple, black. All blouses were so soft that I imagined how aunty feels when she covers her breasts with these soft blouses. I smelt her blouses, it had fresh feminine fragrance.

behind the blouses, I saw 3 bras, all were padded bras, one black, another mehroon and third pink. I took the black padded bra. Then I took a brown color panty, I smelt if, it was so soft and the fragrance gave me a quick hardon. I almost licked the panty as I was not in my senses.
I removed my clothes, wore the silky panty, It felt life pure soft viscous cotton. I felf how aunty must be feeling when she wears this panty. My dream was coming true. Then I wore the black padded bra. It was perfect in size as aunty is also quite fluffy. It was so good. I took two blouses and kept each one inside the two cups of the bra to make soft fake boobs. It was a great feeling.

Now I scanned the blouses to search for a perfect blouse for me. I wanted to try them one by one but I didn't have such patience of trying each blouse without masturbating. I wanted to masturbate just now but I controlled my hot emotions. I took the red blouse, felt its softness in my hands and smelt it. It was the same blouse which aunty was wearing 3 days back. She looked so hot in this that I went to the bathroom to shag off that day.

I decided to wear this blouse. I searched for a red petticoat and found one.
I wore the red petticoat and its soft material when touched my legs and thighs, I started to feel so feminine. Then I finally wore the red blouse. It was the perfect size for me. I never felt this feminine in my whole life. I remember this same feeling when I once wore my maami's blouse. It was the same feeling.

I hooked the blouse from the front. I could see my cleavage, the blouse was a bit transparent, so the strap of the bra was visible from behind. The arms of the blouse fitted perfectly and they were half arms. I felt how aunty must be feeling that day when she was wearing this blouse and her underarm sweat had made this blouse wet. Then I applied some ladies perfume on the blouse.

Then I took out a red silk saree and started wearing it. I made the pallu with just one fold because I wanted my cleavage to show up.
Just then when I decided to apply some make up, I heard some voice outside the door. I panicked, went near the door and could hear someone running to the other room. Oh my god, aunty's son!! he was looking through the keyhole while I was dressing myself.

I felt a bit naughty. I opened the door, went to his room. It was dark except a dim yellow light.
He was sleeping under the blanket but I understood he is acting. Then I removed the pallu of my saree. I went near him on the bed, I touched his bare chests, I was on his right side, i moved my hand on his chest, down to his night pants. Oh My GOD ! ! !

His dick was very hard. I understood that he was enjoying this feeling. I lowered his pants and freed his hard dick from the cage. While he was still acting as if he is sleeping, I took his dick in my hand, and slowly started shaking it. His thighs trembled a little, he was enjoying. I bent down and started taking his dick into my mouth. When I fully took it into my mouth and started sucking I heard 'ahhhh, suck it.'

I took his dick again in my hand and he sat on the bed, shyly, he told me that he always used to smell his mom's panty and blouse and masturbated. I hugged him, he started smelling the ladies perfume I had applied in my underarms. I removed my saree and I was over him. He grabbed me tightly and sucked my lips hard. I felt as if he was raping me. I told him to imagine me as his mom.
He removed my panty from under my petticoat and came over me, started inserting his dick in my ass. I was feeling the great feeling of someone raping me or having sex forcefully in such a hardcore manner.
He fully inserted his dick in my ass and started fucking me as hard as he could while hugging me from behind and smelling the ladies perfume from my underarm. He said, "ohh mom, I want to fuck you very hard but i am about to take out my sperm and i cannot stop."

I understood that he is not in his senses. He fucked me hard and while he was fucking me I took my hard dick in my hand and started masturbating. Both of us were in pleasure. It was like a roleplay mom son sex.
Just then he was about to cum, I also increased my speed of masturbation. HE cummed in my ass while fucking me, I was in pleasure as I had also taken out all my sperms from my dick.

Then he went to his mom's room, took out one blouse, started smelling it and he masturbated again. Seeing this, I became horny again and while still wearing his mom's clothes, I also started masturbating and spurted out my sperms once again.

It was such a great night. If you liked the story, do let me know through your lovely comments.

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