Friday, February 17, 2012

Masturbated after wearing my aunt's clothes

Once I went to my uncle’s place during holidays. My uncle, aunt and my cousins were very happy to see me.
I had planned to stay there for a week.

My uncle is 50 years old, he is fat, dusky skin toned. While my aunt is 47 years old, she is a bit plump, wheatish skin toned and has a figure of 36 32 36.

I liked the way she dressed herself. She always wore half arm blouses which had deep back. From my childhood, I just hoped to get a chance to wear her saree.

I settled down, kept my luggage in a room, ate some food. Then aunt told me to get freshen up.

I went to the washroom.

I noticed my aunt had kept her clothes in a bucket for washing purpose. I emptied the bucket. Actually the clothes were washed but aunt forgot to dry them.

My heart started beating loudly. There was an orange blouse and the same color petticoat.

I removed my clothes, wore the wet petticoat and the blouse.
I used my underwear and vest to make fake boobs by placing them inside the blouse cups.

What a lovely feeling it was, I was wearing my aunt’s silky blouse and petticoat.

I put the shower on and had a bath. I was feeling great. I imagined myself as my aunt and just then my penis started to become hard.

I couldn’t control, I lifted the petticoat, closed my eyes, held my hard cock in one hand and kept pressing my fake boobs with other.

I started masturbating by thinking that I was my aunt and uncle was fucking me.

These thoughts increased my speed of masturbating. I was shaking the foreskin of my rock hard dick very fast. I was about to throw out sperms.

I was not in my self control, I was in a trance, just then I spurted out loads and loads of sperms.

I removed aunt’s clothes after that. I wore my clothes and came out. What a great experience it was. I just hoped in this week, I can get to dress myself up completely as my aunt.

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