Saturday, February 18, 2012

I became my Uncle's wife for a night

After that day, when I wore my aunt’s orange blouse and petticoat in the bathroom and masturbated, I wanted to look for an opportunity when no one would be at home so that I can experiment with some other clothes of hers.

Finally I got a chance. Aunty had to go to her village to attend a marriage.

She took her daughter (my cousin sister) with her.
I was hoping if uncle could also go with her but he didn’t go.
Aunty left for village in the morning.

By afternoon, uncle told me that he would go to his friend’s place and will come back at 8 pm in evening.

He left the house at 5 pm.

I was alone in the house. WOW!! I thought.
Finally I got a chance to explore my aunt’s wardrobe and wear her clothes. I was waiting for this chance since childhood.

I went into my aunt and uncle’s room.
I opened the almirah and browsed through heaps of clothes.
I took 3 bras. One was white, other black and the third a pink one.
I chose the white bra. Then I searched for a panty. I got a matching white panty.

I was happy. I removed all my clothes. Today was something special; I wanted to be a complete woman. I wore the white bra and hooked it from behind. Then I slipped my legs in the white silky panty.

Oh my god, what a great feeling it was. I thought it is just 5 pm. Uncle would return at 8. I have three hours, so I should proceed slowly.
I went into Deepa’s (my cousin) room, and got a wig from the trunk which she used during her college theatre plays.
I wore the wig on my head. Lovely hair, straight and silky and dark black.

Then I came back to my aunt’s room. I opened the drawer and looked at all her blouses. There were around 16. She had all colours. Red, light green, blue, black, brown, grey etc. I placed my hand on a cotton violet colored blouse. It was very soft and it immediately gave me a hard on.

I searched for a matching petticoat.
I found the petticoat which was more soft than the blouse.
But I wanted more, I couldn’t understand this sudden urge to convert myself into a complete woman. I wanted to transform into my aunt. I went to the bathroom and I took out one Whisper (Sanitary pad which ladies wear during periods.). I placed the Whisper properly in the panty. Wow, my penis was feeling great.

Then I wore the violet petticoat and tied the knot. Then I started wearing the violet blouse, before that I placed uncle’s underwears in the cups of the bra to make fake boobs.

When I hooked the blouse completely and saw myself in the mirror, I became more horny. The blouse had deep neck cut which showed my actual cleavage. It was tight and had deep back. The arms were tight as well. You can see the pic in the left and imagine what I looked like.

I was feeling like a woman. Then I sat on the dressing table, I placed a bindi on my forehead and also applied sindoor. Then I wore my aunt’s earrings and mangal sutra. I applied kajal around my eyes and red cum violet color lipstick aound my lips. Then I applied violet color nailpolish on all my nails of hands and toes.

I was feeling great. Then I took out a plain violet color silk saree from the almirah and draped it around my waist and finally made the pallu. The saree was a bit transparent which showed my blouse and my cleavage a bit. I was feeling so hot while I sat on the chair in front of the mirror and combed my hair.

Just then, to my surprise, my uncle was standing behind me. I saw the clock, it was only 6pm. I said “m sorry uncle, I dint mean to…” Uncle placed his finger on my lips and said “I saw you that day when you wore your aunt’s clothes in the bathroom. Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone, come on let us have some whisky.”
I blushed and went with him to the drawing room. We sat, he had two large pegs of whisky. I drank it and then he said “You look just like your aunt when she was young”

He held my hands in his hands and we stood up. We went to the bedroom where he hugged me. I hugged him too, he removed his shirt and hugged me again, he removed my pallu and exposed my blouse and cleavage.

My heart was beating fast as I was feeling like I am my aunt and uncle is loving me. Just then we kissed, very deeply. Uncle caressed my breasts and pressed them. I felt like a horny woman waiting to be fucked.

My violet blouse was wet under the armpits with sweat.
He removed his pant and I removed his underwear. I took his penis in my hand and sucked it deeply under my throat.

Then he removed my panty and whisper from under the petticoat and made me sit in a position in which he could fuck me in doggy style. He placed his hard black dick in my asshole and pushed. I felt in heaven, I closed my eyes as he started fucking me madly. He was about to take out his sperms when I grabbed his cock and started sucking it. His penis threw out loads of sperms in my mouth. I sucked it all.

Then he hugged me and held my penis in his hand and started shaking it, oh my god I was in complete pleasure, just then I couldn’t control myself and spurted out all my sperms on the floor.

Then we hugged each other in the bed, I was in his nude arms wearing just the petticoat and the blouse. We kissed again and he fucked me the whole night.

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